Rotgheist Vit PS revisit

Went down this road again against my better judgment after this thread. [Feedback] Rotgheist set


Stayed with conjurer, focused on converting as much chaos as possible to stack up flat. Dropped full rotgheist set as rylok mark can convert lightning for us, which allows us to grab extra vit RR and chaos conversion on dreeg necklace.

It can struggle through SR75 but most boss rooms end up being a nightmare. AoE is lacking despite primal strike’s selling point. Went for diamond in helm after first couple attempts to get a circuit breaker since it felt squishy otherwise (e.g. fumble pool for more than a second = dead). Stats are tight but that’s the price you pay for no-savagery Shaman, so less concerned with that.

Had @romanN1 and @Crittrain attempt in Crucible, roman wasn’t finishing and Crit was around 6:45 in wave 170 before dying. Kuba is of course a nightmare to fight on this, and we don’t have a ton of points to grab toad for the only easy beast racial.

Have one last option to test using occultist ele->vit belt and grabbing a damage devo for more aoe clearing.

Starting to think this is less a set issue and more Primal Strike, although torrent and storm surge skill points are only available on lightning items right now other than rotgheist pieces. Outside of Ultos full set which gives a radius bonus, or passthrough options (VoS, Desolator for Vit which actually works out better than this @Valinov ) which generate crazy AoE but lower single target damage, I’m not aware of any high performing PS builds.


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