[Feedback] Rotgheist set

I have been doing some extensive testing on the Rotgheist Set for two builds, melee PS archon and caster DEE spam sentinel. Even after the patch they still feel underpowered by a lot in terms of damage output.

  1. Melee PS Archon

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZROqMrN

The build’s dps is still low and its very hard to achieve good attack speed, even though i tried to pickup most sources from devotions i ended up with 188% attack speed all buffs up.

  1. DEE Spam Sentinel

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLmkXLZ

This variant of rotgheist has very good survivability and decent sustain, however the same problem applies in terms of damage output. Even with a pass through mod added the damage will still be bad vs single targets, especially Nemesis and the DoT is very low. Been rarely seeing 120k DoT damage.
Another thing that makes it even harder is applying Rattosh debuff due to its low chance of proc and no spread.


9 intense minutes :hot_face: :wheelchair:

Vitality casters are so good but PS is meh. Ultos set have mods that makes Thunderous Strike more valuable.

DEE spamming … classic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rotgheist and DEE spam is still :poop: and water is still wet. Some stuff never changes in GD. Well at least we know that you can make a real top-tier build out of Dreeg’s set. If you play it as melee, lmao.

EDIT: Solid tests, Roman.


Ty, i’ve posted just the final forms after squeezing as much as i could from them. Initially the melee PS was a 11min build haha.

I think I tested Vitality Archon when Rotgheist was first introduced and it was a build barely squeezing in 7:30 minutes and dying often. In your spec you could increase your total Vitality damage a bit by using stuff like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23dAk9V (didn’t change augments). But it won’t help much.

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Yeah, tried that too before and it also didnt work out. No matter what ive tried i couldnt get it for an at least decent time. Even tried vitality wind devils along PS for more aoe and consistency. I guess it simply just needs a good bump along many other vit builds.

Been testing this as well now since korvan wyrm went full cooldown and I wanted a spam PS duder. PS spam archon just has too many holes, can’t find a non-ridiculous green heavy build that covers all resists including physical and push decent OA outside of ascension. Someone mentioned it in the old build thread but your HP just yoyos all over the place until splat.

Conjurer PS spam version, however, is looking totally reasonable (to someone who doesn’t regularly play crucible at least). Resists are easier to manage, including decent physical levels, and damage gets pushed higher. Still need to run high SR tests or suck it up and play crucible to see how it holds up. e.g. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK9WP8V (cronley of alacrity to cover the AS gap, assuming crucible build would need more stun res)

Just like EoR on Death’s Reach, it won’t go anywhere. Maybe Crate is still working on Rotgheist and yet can’t find a proper solution for it. What about adding a set skill (n% on attack/enemy death) that would increase n% total speed or other buff, area damage and such. Anything make it better would be nice.

Except when eor with deaths reach is actually one of the best versions?

Also will add that rotgheist sentinel has a couple of functioning 6:30ish builds. I even memed together a 645 ritualist with rotgheist and spam ps (very unorthodox set up, as in it doesnt even use a weapon with % vitality damage)


You removed my cloud with great demonstration.:blush:
Thanks you remind me again we have wonderful Bloodknight. 99% of the time I don’t read build post or Build Compendiums, no green too except items like Pulsing Shard that has skill mod on it. It’s kind of silly I know, but finding good combinations myself is one of the few things left for me to have fun in GD nowadays.

Maybe that’s why it never get tuned up by Crate, we did overlooked its potential somehow.

Alright, after a couple failed attempts/adjustments I can squeeze out SR65/66 but it’s very touch and go, probably reasonably smooth for someone who doesn’t ignore mob mechanics until it’s killed them once or twice.


Still needs something for spam PS, although based on the dot stats maybe that’s missing the point. Armor, DA so you can more easily take potent essence of ch’thon, even attack speed so you aren’t struggling for every bit you can grab with an MI ring. Damage looks decent on paper but struggles when hungering void is down, I assume due to generally high vit resists. Even with extra res coverage of conjurer your HP is a constant yoyo. YMMV on SR modifiers ofc, I don’t reroll so I dealt with what was given (1 run with -10% damage mod, others nothing that would affect output)

Side issues

  1. You are basically forced into wildblood crusher (and then belt) for spam PS as there are virtually no vit damage weapons with inherent attack speed. Soullance would technically be possible but the +skills don’t help and damage will be even more sad panda. Not an awful issue, just not especially exciting when parting out the build.

  2. General shaman problem, but weaving savagery on every spam PS build because you almost always need the stats is a bummer. Worth a separate thread, but best suggestion I saw was increasing time stacks live as a QoL improvement as I doubt the stats will be distributed to other skills at this point. Didn’t even try the archon version after specing it out, double weave is a bridge too far for me.

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