Ruin benefit to not harvesting the stone

Is there any benefit to not clearing a ruin for the stone? Like, does it eventually spawn more relics if left alone? If not, I think there should be a reward for choosing not to take the stone, like a desirability bonus (you wouldn’t be able to move the ruin) or wild growth of certain herbs or mushrooms around the ruin. Maybe even a random new relic spawn over time (rare chance).

Nope, it just sits there and looks pretty.

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Could there be in the future a use of ruins (besides obtaining relics) as sources of resources such as deep mines? Let’s say, that you can put some building on them that helps to extract gold, stone, or luxury items that can be found, such as the entrance to an underground citadel.

No way, it’s better to consider ruins as property protected by UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage regulations