Sacrificing the body for Grim Dawn

Anyone doubting my commitment to Grim Dawn - this is what happens when you use your face to cushion the fall of a 12lb aluminum cased laptop while falling down a flight of wooden stairs. As I was falling I just thought “NNNooOoOooOOoo!!1! Not the GDC demo!”

Laptop has a little crack in the back but it seems to run fine, so, assuming I’m able to walk tomorrow, it should be a worthy trade-off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man! Wow, that must smart. I’m sorry to hear that even happened, because you just got over a cold.

Is it more of a slice and less of a concussion…?

Also, where are you taking the demo?

Please be careful Medierra! We don’t doubt your commitment; we know you’ve just been very busy!

If only I could send you some health potions…

Get well soon!

I think it was like 75% slashing dmg, 25% blunt. I didn’t black out or anything, so I don’t think I have much of a concussion but I do have a bit of a headache. Luckily the laptop has 0% pierce ratio or this might have ended badly. Man, I’m such a geek.

Other parts of my body took more blunt damage but I guess I must have thick bones because nothing appears to broken, just awfully sore. My wife is monitoring me closely. She made quite a fuss over it but I’ve had worse.

Trivia Challenge!

Med’s face has also sustained a beating from:

A) 9-Iron Golf Club
B) Brass Knuckles
C) Granite Fireplace

Hah, well, at least your describing it in terms I can understand. :slight_smile:

As for the trivia, well, I do not know, though the use of the term ‘beating’ leads me to either A or B. However, a granite fireplace sounds almost as specific as a 9-iron golf club.

I don’t know if you even like golf, as golfing tends to bore me, but not everyone thinks that, however, maybe the situation in question had nothing to do with golf.

Brass Knuckles seems too uncommon, I mean who owns brass knuckles, let alone uses it to punch someone unintentionally, or maybe it was intentional.

I’ll randomly pick one -

B. Hah.

Maybe someone who knows more of your history can answer?

I bet another legendary purchase its C.

You should of bin wearing your armor for damage reduction! could of stoped the piercing and blunt damage from the floor!

on a serious note hope you heal soon!

Be careful not to go afk while suffering from a bleed dot.

Damn man, that’s like, suicide bomber level of commitment right there!:stuck_out_tongue:

No batrachos greaves? Everyone knows you become immortal to physical damage with that, what a noob.


Whoa! Nice gash you got there :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the laptop wearing “armor of transference”? That could explain a lot.

As for you being a geek… I think that’s kind of the norm here! Maybe part of the reason a lot of us hang around this forum and talk about more than just the latest on GD?

Gotta go with either “C” or “All of the above” on the trivia challenge.

Now for the bright side of all this. After having a cold and falling down the stairs, you’ll feel on top of the world once you’re all healed up! Good thing you’ve got someone to nurse you back to health.

Damn you guess it, it is in fact D) all of the above. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a kid I tripped on an upturned flagstone while running and fell head-first on the corner of a granite outdoor fireplace.

A little older I got hit in the jaw by a golf club by my younger cousin who didn’t realize I was behind him when he went to wind up.

Finally, about 6 years ago I was assaulted through my car window by a very large, very angry man with a lot of metal on his hand, which I can’t say I saw clearly but it appeared to be brass knuckles or at least enough large metal rings to not make a difference. The result of that was 9hrs of reconstructive surgery to put in a titanium bridge across my left cheek and a titanium plate under my eye. Fractured my face in 5 places. This all happened as a result of me attempting to apologize for the drunken remarks of a friend who thought the guy was bothering some women (which he probably was).

So a fall down some stairs, pfff… no problem :wink:

Just hope I didn’t lose too many more brain cells, I need what little I’ve got left to do design work.

ROFL bloody nerds, the lot of ya.

Glad to see that you’re well enough to take a battle pic Med.

Now tell me, WHAT developer would EVER take a picture of themselves with a cut on their forehead? NONE! That’s commitment to the fans.

ps. Your eyebrows are about as bushy as mine lawl… unruly!

Blink Blink … So you really, really weren’t kidding when you said you’ve had worse!

Congratulations on living through all the hits to that noggin of yours. Do try to be careful though, we still need you around to finish GD… then make some DLC… then a sequel to GD :smiley:

@Sile: If you think those are bushy brows, it might be best you never see mine! Though thankfully I do not have a uni-brow.

PS: So what do I get for winning the Trivia Challenge?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the man arrested? or at least pay for your re-constructive operations? It sounds insane…

Nope, I had no idea who he was and wouldn’t have even recognized him after. I managed to get the car started during the 1/2 second intervals when I wasn’t stunned between hits and finally drove off a ways before pulling over to let one of my friends drive. I actually had no idea how badly I was injured. I’d been punched before when I was younger and it wasn’t a big deal. I figured I was just a little bruised and would be fine in a couple days. I only went to the ER because my face was numb and one of the guys at ILE who’d fractured his cheek said he never went to the doctor and the fracture ended up closing up with the nerve caught it in, making the nerve damage permanent. He said had he gone in right away they could have prevented it. So, I went just thinking it was a minor thing like that but then found out my face was totally fux0red.

If the dude’s stun was any longer I probably would have gotten totally stun-locked and died. I wonder what skill he was using?

No idea about the name of the skill, but it sounds like it causes not just stun but also immediate panic after in a 3 foot radius. Bit of a strange combination there, highly unbalanced skill.

Also seeing the thread title, I was half expecting a Grim Dawn tattoo across your back. Or maybe on your arms. Gotta market this thing right? But falling down stairs is even more hardcore.

I know the US health system sucks balls, if you can get yourself checked out for concussion though I would suggest it. Take it easy dude.

Wearing those could have just made the laptop miss and hit the floor. We didn’t want that to happen, did we :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be actually pretty hilarious little detail if you extracted the cut and used it ingame! And at the end of credits… “Developers were hurt for some gore details”.

I think the import piece of information here is the mention of a GDC demo…which according to the website is March 2nd through the 4th?

This guy’s right. Let’s focus on the important stuff people!