Safe for Children

What about a replacement instead of a modification? In other words, instead of modifying the existing asset, take an another existing asset (that’s “safe”) and name it the same?

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Is this what you’re looking for?



Hoh my god! Baby gryphons :o Sooooooo cute <3

I could set their scale and potentially make them larger, but I first wanted to see if that was what the OP was seeking before putting any further time into it. Just those two statues, no big deal, but if he’s looking for a complete overall of anything and everything (that’s not child-friendly – nudity wise I mean) in the Grim Dawn content (expansions and base) then he would need to supply me a list of things that need to be censored as that would be way more work than I’d be willing to take on lol


Love the idea. How about the harpies?

I think the harpies and the statues will be just find. Just want to hide the “In your face” stuff.

Most kids will glaze over the other stuff.

Thanks a lot!!

Sorry about the late reply.
I have already told my son no, but if these two changes are made I can say yes.
Or more like his mother can say yes.

Please and Thank you.

“There is a lot of gore and blood in Grim Dawn, I understand that you don’t want your child to see nudity, but are you ok with gore, blood, violence, murders, betrayals ?”

Honestly, I understand this happens in the game, but compare it to other games.

The remove “Gore” setting can be set in the options screen.
All the blood he sees on the ground is not vary detailed it’s just red paint.

All the murders, betrayals you have to read the lore to get that content. Tell me how many 8-year-olds will stop there game play to read the lore.

I suppose we can remove hanging corpses from the game. That would be a plus.

The goal is to have the “In you face stuff” out of the way.

If you have nothing useful to add to the discussion then don’t post.

Wow, I never actually noticed the game had these images in them,

Have you had any luck getting a modder to grace the aspects you seek? I am interested in something similar :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful evening!

At this moment there has not been a mod made for this feature.

It’s the nudity that bothers you and let’s you hesitate to hand over gd to your 8y old? Not the decapitated bodies , hung by trees? Corpses with their guts out, malformed horrors? Don’t get me started on the lore notes. Trip south…


How did I miss this thread? Bookmarked! Easily on my top 10 list of weird GD forum threads / drama :slight_smile: Pure gold!


If it wasn’t for this topic, I would probably be still oblivious to the fact that game has nudity. Never noticed that that harpy mosaic had tits. Sphinxes at SR portal as well.

I mean, in every museum statues and paintings of naked people are on display. Like, there’s a fine line between nudity for nudity’s sake and artistical nudity.

Also, I remember similar topic from Torchlight 2 forum. Was it you by any chance?


The modding tools are available to everyone so they can make the game as they want it to be. I suggest learning how to do it yourself.

Hello guys.

I would like to know if we got a solution for the nudity in the game, i am really interested to get a mod to it.
moreover i found a Harpies statue around the Act V as information, in total we have 3 things we need to modify in the MOD.

Thank you for your time and help.

Best regards.

Short answer is no. Far as I know no one’s bothered to make such a mod. But the tools are available if you want to do it yourself.

Thank you for the answer Medea.

For me is very complicated to do the Mod by myself, perhaps i can pay someone in the community to do it for me, of course i would need to find a reliable member to avoid a scam.

Perhaps he could be you Medea, please help me.


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Sorry, I know nothing about modding the game.

Good find I noticed this too. You have to play through a large amount of content to see the statue in ACT V.

Thanks Medea, i understand it re queries time.

Hello Nathan.

Did you find someone to do the Mod?, by the way, i sent you a friend request on Steam.