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Grim Dawn is a great game, it has entertained me for more hours, but I am running into a problem. My 8-year-old son is starting to ask if he can play the game, and perhaps a few years ago I would be all for playing a multiplayer game with him. Yet I don’t believe I feel okay with him playing the game now.

Why? You ask. It is because of the new fan service that has been added to the game recently. I wouldn’t mind if there weren’t displays of half-dressed statues (some well endowed I may add), or images of harpies that could be better dressed, etc, etc.

I know many young players are happy to see these changes, but I am not willing to introduce this subject material to my 8-year-old son.

Is there a game setting or a mod that can be used to help the game be more safe for children to play?

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but no, there’s no setting in the game that would allow you to cover up statues. Not sure if anything like that could be modded in either, but hopefully some of our modding community can tell you more.

If you’re referring to the statues in the Conclave of the Three in the Forgotten Gods expansion well the simplest answer would be just not to play that expansion. You can easily “disable” it for multiplay doing this

or using this


He’s just looking for a mod that takes out any instances of nudity in the game Medea, since he doesn’t want to expose his 8 year old to it but the child apparently has been requesting him to play it. I told him to post here as a request to modders on the off-chance someone might deem it easy enough to implement. Those particular tools/guides you linked don’t really help him in this regard :wink:

So I guess to any modders that read this, if you feel this is something that you could bang together (hopefully easily) perhaps you could hook him up. If I knew how to use the mod tools I’d probably give it a shot for him but I have yet to delve into any of that area of GD.

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As an alternative there’s Titan Quest, a dumbed down GD but it doesn’t have any nudity at all as far as I can remember, at worst you’ll see some bewbies but TQ is more kid friendly since it’s not set in an atmosphere where everything either comes from hell or goes to hell, but rather in a bright setting with less depression and more optimism

We’re not here to judge people, but help them with their request if we can. So just leave the judgements out of it please. Otherwise the thread will be closed.


As medea pointed out, noone else here has the right to judge. I’ll copy and paste here what I replied to others in his same thread on the Steam forum:

Leave it be. Either provide assistance or move along.

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not sure TQ is any better for that, less grim, but not sure wrt ‘nudity’, which was the point here.

Personally I’d say any 8 year old has seen worse on TV, but that is not my call to make…

Don’t think there is any mod for this and is probably pretty complex if you want to adjust the meshes and not just ‘color in the flesh parts’

If this were just about some monsters, the easiest way would be to change them to something else in the proxy pools, but it sounds like there is more here than just that

The most you can do is to disable gore in game options, but no way to hide nudity

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Thank you for your support everyone.

My main reason for asking for a mod is to help my son understand that he can continue to play great games such as Grim Dawn, without exposing himself to adult content by looking for helpful mods or game filter options to do this. Beside how would I justify my actions in playing the game if I don’t follow my parental advice.

He is a big fan of ARPG games and unfortunately he has already played games much more violent then Grim Dawn, despite not having my approval. How I see it is that game content is not going to get any cleaner in the up coming years and I am not going to be around to make these decisions for him. All I can do is teach him how to make good decision now while he is still young enough to listen. After that it is up to him to govern his own actions.

So I would be most grateful if there are others who understand my good intentions by giving support and help, for today’s parents and future generations.

P.S. Thank you, medea_fleecestealer and powbam for your great support on this topic.


By the way it is too bad there is no mod out for what I am asking for. Yet I myself am a computer programmer, so maybe I can take a crack at creating a mod. Just wish I had more spare time to do it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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No prob.

If you do decide to take a swing at it you can of course post in this forum section (Modding - Discussion) if you have questions on how to do things and there is two further sections you may find useful:

Modding - Projects:
This is where people post their completed mods etc.

Modding - Tutorials and Help

You may also find "Utilities and Resources’ useful:
These are 3rd party tools of various functions related to the game that people have made over the years, some of them are even for helping modders with various tasks.

Some of the devs have even been known to pitch in and help people accomplish their goals (via detailed information).

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Great thank you for all your help.

Reminds me of the time I just started playing GD. It was late at night and I did not notice my 5 year old waking up to go potty but she noticed me and came near my desk, and in my monitor she saw the bodies being hanged on a huge tree (I think it was somewhere the 1st hero encounter in Act 1 who emerges from the ground).

Kid is the type who always ask questions of things she doesn’t understand, so she popped the question, and then more. Hardest interview of my life lol. Didn’t want to spoil her imagination but had to explain to her that it was fictional (wish I could recall how I explained that part) and why in the game’s world there were monsters, how some people became monsters and why those kind of acts were done to them.

Sometimes I wonder if I could’ve done better, but hey while you can be there for them, be there for them and all will be fine.

From one dad to another, it might be a good bonding activity to let him play GD while you watch over and explain things as needed. Best if you both can play together (Multi). Have fun!


I completely agree. If I do let my son play GD I plan to be playing along side him. This way I can be there to help explain things an perhaps help navigate the terrain. At least I would be the one he goes to for answers and not another boy his age.

Well but Kuma.

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Grim Dawn is safe for children. Just make sure to keep them playing only inside the safe warm embrace of “:smiling_imp:” 's Crossing. Never expose them outside the gates as anywhere beyond is a potential harm to corrupt their innocent souls :grin:

Did you all see where Warden Arthur Bruno keeps the npc- children after being rescued by the taken? You dont see children running around away from the Devil’s place. So parents be careful to allow ur kids to play this corrupt dirty game. Exercise caution and please protrct them by making sure they are limited to navigate their characters only inside the prison walls

There is a lot of gore and blood in Grim Dawn, I understand that you don’t want your child to see nudity, but are you ok with gore, blood , violence, murders, betrayals ?

I don’t want to judge but personaly I find violence and gore are a lot more disturbing for childs than nudity.

@Nathan_Taylor From a modding aspect it is possible to modify any mesh you want to hide nudity… it just takes some time.Or you can also edit the texture to add some alpha and make it transparent although it will look strange (or you can simply replace all assets you want to hide with an empty mesh).
I guess the same could be done for blood but it will also take some time.And you have to be sure to remove / edit all the meshes you want to hide.

I’m still teaching myself modding, but wouldn’t it be possible to do a mod that includes the exact same statue art but covered up and by loading the mod, it would use that art instead? Sort of like DLL-Hijacking, if you place a dll in a folder of an application that is ran, when Windows runtime detects the application needs the DLL, it provides the location of the folder the application is running in and the application uses that instead of, potentially, using DLLs in say Windows\system32 or Windows\SysWoW64 (over simplified explanation of the process / order of DLL path searching I know). You haven’t changed the app, you have just put in place your version of a dll and the game will wind up using that instead. It’s how things like ENB work (a proxy DLL).

But couldn’t someone export the statues, modify them, then create a mod with just those modified assets, and then when you play the game, select the mod and the game will use them instead? I mean, as visually complex as the game world looks all over, most of the world is nothing more than layers upon layers of object-placement details and terrain splatting / terraforming, etc. So the statues should NOT be statically part of anything that couldn’t be edited I’m thinking…

This is exactly how it’d be done.

The only real limitation is paying $60000 for 3DSMax so you can edit the models.

Alternatively, one could ‘break’ the statues so that their /levelart/ data is intentionally corrupt, which would probably have the effect of making them completely invisible in-game. Not sure whether that’d be ideal, though, or if it’d result in instability on game-load.

Are the models .3ds file format?

EDIT: Nvm I think I see they are… There’s “.dlo” files named MaxPlugins in the folder. hmmm…

They are not 3ds format, they are max format.