Samhain - Pet Cabalist


It is pretty much another Ghol based BlightFiend build. But this time, we are going with the lazy version and we have Blight Scourges & Phat Fiends :3

  • [Pet] [] (g4) (c+) (sr+) Samhain - Pet Cabalist (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Blight Fiend, Reap Spirit, Summon Blighted Rift Scourge, Summon Skeletal Servant, Summon Eldritch Talon, Blood of Dreeg, Curse of Frailty, Call of the Grave
    • Passive Skills: Possession, Bonds of Bysmiel, Spectral Binding, Presence of Might (x2)
    • WPS Skills: none

GrimTools Link:

Shattered Realms, Shard 75-76:
No Shrines/Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending. Pretty easy :yum:

Ravager of Minds:
No Potions/Consumables used. Took about 7 mins. Pretty easy :blush:

Crucible 150-170, Using 4 Blessings + Banner:
No Potions/Consumables used. Do note that the build is not optimized for Crucible.






Got enough Reserblobs now.

possesion does affect pet ? if no why u picked possesion and not master of death ?

Build looks dope! I like the Eldritch talon pet. What’s the one on top, Skeleton servant?

So from screenshot, I will say Crucible is 9:30-10 minutes or so. I am still not sure how to make pets to do speed runs. I played with Ghol Conjurer but that was like 11-12 minutes. :sweat:

Im curious and want to know, i have a cabalist at lvl 100, its still spread out in points everywhere…
(but since im an altoholic i push them to 100, and then go for the next… just my aether Panetti spellbinder and a vitality witchunter left, if i dont make any new toons…)

What is the reason for possession in this build? Am I missing something??? (i cant see the connection/benefit…)

Not worth one point in spectral wrath?

I love reap spirit, but never tried to maximize it…
Any words on rotation…?

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maximize reap spirit to have +1 summon so i will summon 2 reap spirit .but possession im asking the same question as u

Master of Death reduces your damage by converting to vit. Possession adds survivability.

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for me master of death is usefull then pssession i think

Possession is picked over MoD because of the damage absorption and chaos resistance I think. MoD is pretty weak this patch.

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Possession is for damage absorption and Chaos resistance.

Master of Death’s only use is the extra OA. +12% OA on an Exclusive skill isn’t attractive to me.

Aye, the Dirge of Arkovia pet :yum:

And between the Relic & Amulet change + untransmuted Blightfiends, build lost a lot of damage from its original counterpart The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist

Plus I didn’t bother trying to keep pets alive in my run, so they lost their blessings, which further increased the clear time.

And as someone who has never done a Crucible Speed run, I can tell you how to do it:

Spectral Wrath doesn’t really do much here due to fully converted Blightfiends + 80% physical to poison on the rings (max roll), but it should still provide some extra damage due to phy RR (Skeletal Servant & Talon), so feel free if you wish.

!7/16 Reap Spirit gives you 2 of them. They do decent damage.

Rotation? what rotation? :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t do stuff like that in FwuffyLand. We just roll head on the keyboard.

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then tell us the most efficient way to roll our heads on the keyboard :grava:

But I am not agile enough to do that :sob:

Still you can let your bird on auto pilot. Or some of your other pets.

Ah, now I get why you don’t like Ritualist-no birbs, no fun.

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