Savagery/Primal Strike Build Advice


I’m new to the game and i didn’t want to follow a premade build, so i’m using “Lordfluffly’s guide to creating your own build” from reddit as a guideline on how to find my own build. (Sorry, i can’t link it because as a new user i’m only allowed to post 2 links, and i need those for my build ideas.)

I ended up deciding on going with 2H melee Savagery as primary and Primal Strike without transmuter as a secondary/nuke skill with lightning as a primary damage type.

Now i have hit a snag though, mostly when it comes to choose my secondary class. Currently i’m unsure between Soldier and Demolitionist. I have clicked together the following 2 builds, completely ignoring gear, i’ll see what i can get while i’m playing. I’m planning to be looking for resistances, physical to lightning conversion (or, as i am currently using, a weapon that deals lightning damage to begin with) and +% lightning damage.
I did use a guide for the devotions because tbh i really didn’t feel like digging into that aspect as well after just spending 2 hours reading and thinking about all the skills of the other classes. So here the 2 builds i came up with:

With Soldier
With Demolitionist

Since i have absolutely no experience with anything later in the game (i’m only lvl 25 now) i’m sure you guys with tons of hours spent in the game will be screaming looking at those builds because i made mistakes that are totally obvious to you. And that’s what i’m here for. Are there smallish changes i can make to make a big improvement on those builds? I’m especially unsure about Torrent, Storm Surge and Storm Touched. Well, that, and pretty much all the skills from the secondary class…
I have also been thinking about using Arcanist as secondary class, mainly ofr Iskander’s Elemental Exchange with Manifestation, but it didn’t seem all that great to me.

Or is the whole idea of Savagery with Primal Strike as nuke doomed to fail anyway?

Oh, and do i have all the DLCs if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your input.

It’s definitely not doomed to fail but you must decide whether you want to follow meta or do your own thing :wink:
Here is for example a build with Primal Strike as a nuke and Savagery in-between
[] Druidic Explosion - A Pair of High-AoE, Screenwiping Lightning Druids (don’t click, just saying some do it with success)

You can choose support class that has skills you like the most / theme you like the most
(I mean one of Soldier, Demo, Occultist, Arcanist, Vindicator)
Maybe mess around for now and come back if you have some problems. You can only be new to the game for so long.

Main Campaign is very forgiving so unless you make some cardinal general mistakes such as not capping resistances (in higher difficulties), not having Resistance Reduction altogether, not having any form of Healing, you’ll be fine.

But if you want to be optimal, you can follow some top build from forum to the teeth. And lose your soul in the process.

Why you gotta do me like that? :sob:


Ok, i think i’m going the Soldier/Warder route with the idea of Taking Markovian’s Advantage and Zohan’s Technique. If i understand WPS correctly, together with Feral Hunger and Arcane Bomb (linked to Savagery) almost every single time i use Savagery one of those 4 skills will trigger, right? I say almost because Arcane Bomb has a cooldown of 2 seconds. And before i actually take Soldier and commit to it: is this a decent idea? It doesn’t need to be meta/optimal, but i’d like it to be at least decent.

Seems ok to me, just maybe don’t put to many points into these procs (4 points is enough just to get % chance high enough, more rather better spent elsewhere).

You don’t need to be afraid of Soldier as it’s a popular choice and there are top tier Warder builds (Primal Strike for example but not only) so you can always respec into those if you at some point like to change things up / follow a build.

More or less. Arcane Bomb is an independent proc so it can proc together with one of Savagery (Default Attack) procs. Whereas whose Default Attacks procs are not independent, you get one or the other (or sometimes nothing if sum of % proc chances < 100%).

While i was doing some research on skills i often saw that Tenacity of the Boar is a really strong skill, but i just now noticed that what people write about it doesn’t match the ingame description, even the Wiki differs from ingame. After some further research i found out that the skill used to give Defensive Ability, which was completely removed (and pretty much making the name of the skill a farce) for a minor increase in Offensive Ability with patch in September 2020. But search as i might, i couldn’t find any discussion on this change other than one line saying “Savagery as a buff builds need some rework now.” My question now is: is it still worth maxing this skill or would i be better off putting these points somewhere else?

Also: Will i run into trouble if i only get 20 points in Soldier mastery (and 50 in Shaman)

When you’re leveling probably better just to put 1 point in it so that it benefits from +Shaman
(that I think you should always be looking for).

Slow Res / OA can be useful for endgame build to fill some gaps but for a levelling toon probably not so much. (unless your OA is so low that you cannot Crit major enemies)
(Shaman with it exclusive adding Critical Damage skill benefits from OA more
and also there’s Ultos devotion that procs on Crit and is very good)

No, you won’t run into trouble specifically because of that :smile: but Squad Tactics with it’s 14% attack speed at 12/12 and %All damage seems good. Maybe you could reach it.

It wasn’t, DA was simply moved to Oak Skin ( lower values though). It’s a nice QoL buff for Shamans that don’t use Savagery.

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