Scarcity is not inherently bad

I’ve seen a lot of posts calling for more stone, more traders, more trees, etc…

Just want to add my voice and say I like that there is not an abundance of resources in the game. I’m wondering if the players aren’t properly exploring their map because I’ve always been able to find what I need eventually. Or maybe they aren’t using resources wisely…

Obviously more of these resources would make the game easier, but I thought that was already an option in the game settings. Instead of trying to rebalance the game maybe they could just try lowering the difficulty?


I don’t know how the stone was obtained in the Middle Ages,but the density of the trees or the rate of regeneration doesn’t seem very realistic.I don’t know about medieval Europe,but I think a village of 200 people should be surrounded by enough forest to ensure that the rate of tree regeneration is greater than the rate of tree resource consumption by the villagers.

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I agree, which is why I’m glad that Crate is leaning into offering choice.

Imagine a new map - it has no herbs as is surprisingly common, someone who already knows how to play may think - ah this is a part of the challenge, I will have to trade for herbs for the rest of this map’s lifespan, someone else who knows how to play will think - not this again, and roll a new map, someone who does not know how to play will wonder - what are herbs, where do I find them. They might build a trade centre but not see any merchants selling herbs. They might conclude that they have done something wrong and try again with a new map, if they are very unlucky or don’t read the biome tooltips they might have the same thing happen again.

In all of those cases the resource scarcity can already be removed simply by starting a new map so why not offer the choice outright and with the added benefit of not scaring off new or casual players?

As for the stone, I don’t need more stone because I don’t really see the point in continuing a town much after the T4 upgrade right now. I play on a laptop and it’s usually pretty hot by that point but what about people who are just here to build a huge city and fill it with parks? That not what you or I do by the sounds of things so isn’t it good that it will be an option and everyone can do what they want?

This is way too long, I am so sorry. Not sorry enough to scrap the post though.


The most difficult map doesn’t have any clay deposits, herbs are a rarity and willow and medical roots doesn’t exists. Their is cray a lot of gold ore in the ground. But it’s a fact, that some maps have a lack of resources, this is a part of the difficulty.
I agree it’s a necessity for making this game more challenging.
All shortages should be resolved by the merchants, but their is the issue: the trader with willow doesn’t let him/herself see my town. It was already twenty years ago (in game) before I could purchase the medical roots or medicine.


That’s exactly my opinion: having an “all very easy” option allows you to be chosen or not chosen. Simply. When you just want to create a town full of aesthetically pleasing parks, streets and buildings, you choose it.
If you want to test yourself, choose one of the other possibilities that the game offers.


I can’t say much about what’s most realistic but I didn’t struggle to find trees for my town in my play through. Trees take several years to grow to maturity so it seems feasible to cut down a forest faster than it can regenerate (even in medieval times).

Early and mid game I don’t see issues either. But in the late game your mines are probably gonna be depleted and the traders aren’t reliable.

Wood on the map isn’t enough to provide fire wood for houses and production for a big city I don’t think. I have 5 work camps and it’s not nearly enough. Without the trader I would have had to build even more and by now surely the whole map would have been deforested.


I didn’t have more than one work camp, but used the harvest tool to select half the map.

Depends on how much you enjoy clicking to place deco trees…

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I suppose that is the subtitle of this thread. :upside_down_face:

Mod to instantly regrow forests and add mining nodes.

Even just being given a tool to fill a square with deco trees would be very powerful - each oak tree for one gold, producing seven logs, selling for several times that. If we could do that (and maybe mass-prioritize if you’ve got too many constructions going), I doubt people would lack wood even in the late game. The next patch will also bring more logs per tree, if I remember the announcement correctly.

Just insta-spawning trees seems entirely pointless to me. At that point, I could just add the wood directly to the storage. Or get a sandbox mode to not worry about resources.

But maybe I’ll try moving my herbs out of the water with the mod, so thank you for mentioning it.

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