Screen Freezing problem !

Ok, here’s the problem, I can play the game for like 15 to 30min without problem, then the screen freeze…but I can hear the sound in the game normaly, like if nothing happened ! I can hear monster hitting me, I hear my character running and all the other normal sound, like if everything run properly and when I lower the game and reopen it, I still hear everything, but the screen turn black ! What can I do to fix thix ? I run the game on highest video quality possible, if it can help someone !

I run the game on highest video quality possible, if it can help someone
It seems to differ with everyone, probably due to difference in setup. For instance when my screen freezes, I too can hear the sound, but nothing is happening in the background. All the controls are frozen so I can’t drop the screen by hitting the Windows button, or make any changes at all. In short the game and my computer become completely inaccessible. If I try to pull up Windows Task Master to end process, the screens goes black, and the sound stops, and no mouse cursor movement is visible on the screen. All that’s left is a hard restart.

But my pc isn’t crashing or anything, I can close the game and reopen it on steam ! It doesn’t make my PC crash, but I can’t continu to play at all ! That’s what is annoying me ! And it happen quite often, so I can’t go far in the game, without having this kinda crash !

This is do because there is a problem with directx or a video card driver problem, you need to reinstall video card driver or directx. If that does not fix the problem, then its the video card itself and you need to get a new one. If other games run fine then reinstall Grim Dawn, if that does not help it could be your processor or windows. Install windows updates if that does not work reinstall windows, if that does not work it might be your processor. Either way its not Grim Dawn, any software can freeze or crash but that is because of hardware or software by the hardware. Very few times its a software like Grim Dawn itself, so I am leaning towards its your hardware or software by your hardware

What a silly is the game.many like myself had no issues prior to build 31. You have to be kidding,re install windows ,et
c.stop trying to put the blame on people’s hardware or software.its do obvious its the game hopefully the developers come up with a fix.many users in steam are also posting these constant freeze issues.

Wasted 2 skeleton keys in SOT due to game freezing… Pls fix crate. TNX

This is do because there is a problem with directx or a video card driver problem, you need to reinstall video card driver or directx.

The video card or driver is not the problem, because several people with cards made by Nvidia and AMD, both new and old report the same problem. No one is reporting that they’re experiencing the same issue with other games of which many are more graphically demanding. The issue seems to have cropped up with the final content release. For me the issue is inconsistent, because I can often play an entire day, or even two or three days before the game freezes, and sometimes it freezes in the menu before I can load it.

I’m curious, has anyone had just the sound cut out while the game is still playable?

For me aswell, the problem is inconsistant. But when it happens it is usually when im in the ingame menue trying to exit the game

I only have problems on loading screen.

It happens to me, rarely but it does and I have to reset my PC cuz I can’t even see the task manager to shut it.

I have another issue, freezes the game, when returning to the menu or off the game, remain on the field and not be killed even after the black screen, restart the PC … nevyresit otherwise, this started doing after upgrading to the full version !!!

I also am having this same problem. Hard crash requiring a reboot. No mouse response, no response from the computer whatsoever.

Play in Windowed mode so that you can just tab out when the game crashes. I’m betting you play with Windows 10 and Steam?

Yes, I play on Windows 10, on Steam. I’ve tried playing in windowed mode, and it is a complete hard crash. No tab out possible. I have to restart.

So, I have been able to make myself crash free. My own personal problem seemed to be stemming from having RivaTuner running. I dont know if it was the temperature overlay or just RivaTuner itself, but turning it off has made the difference.

If any of you guys have nvidia cards, try enabling “debug mode”.

I’m having issues using an old Radeon 7850. However, in this case, I’m fairly sure it is the combo of Win 10 and Steam not liking the game rather than the Videocard.

Hi, on the Internet I found a solution that works for me so far.

At menu game, press alt + tab to go back to Desktop. Then, press Ctrl + Alt + del, open task manager/processes, right click on Grim Dawn.exe choose Set Affinity and set one CPU only

This change must be performed after each start the game.

i find it insane that this is not fixed yet. OR the 3+ players trying to play LAN together. We managed to get into a game with us 3 by Disconnecting the internet and then reconnecting it and then 3rd player joins. But seriously what a silly fix. and we both froze at least 4 times in a 3 hour period. wish i could get my money back

Iam having this same problem. Everything keeps running on background. Music keeps playing, but screen freezes. Very rarely on middle of fight, but usually when i press exit to menu. W10 all updated. No matter what graphics drivers i use. Nvidia user.