Screenshots Posted!

Check out new screenshots in the media section! Hope you approve. Keep in mind they’re still a little rough. :wink:

[ NOTE: Click on an image to enlarge it (may take 1~2 seconds). Click again to see all images ]

Wow, the shots are here! I’m excited! wow, it does look grim. much darker world compare to TQ. less lighting and no bloom, just as been told. and gore enough. look at all that blood! is’t a bit too much blood?

anyways, everthing is good. I can wait to see more :rolleyes:

Awesome…love the blood…want to see some gibbing though :smiley:

Oh, there will be gibbing… oh yes…

As first images, already seem wonderful! What I like most is the dark atmosphere. Unfortunately you can enlarge the screenshots, but as the beginning is enough to confirm what Grim Dawn will be awesome! For the future I’d like to see some screens in a city environment …since Grim Dawn is set in a imaginary Victorian Era, I expect to see a imaginary “dark London” crossed by demons.

I really like how dark the game is, love anything horror or darker tone. So that is makeing me more excited.

On another note it looks like the character is holding a Machete sized K-bar. That is pretty hardcore.

I’m very excited! Even knowing they are very early and the final game will be far better, I’d say they look great! I’d love to see some UI shots when you get those more nailed down.

Awesome Screenshots:D thats how Diablo3 should looks like;)

Nice screenshots. Looks Promising.

For those who didn’t notice, just click on it and wait a few seconds for an enlarged screenshot.

Awesome work so far. Let the anticipation commence.

Yeah, the pictures on the page work kind of weird…not sure if it’s because of the browser (firefox)…but it’s not done well. When you hover over the cursor just stays a pointer, but you can click and it expands, cursor changes into a hand…then you can click again and close.

Not the most elegant media web page…

I dont like the way the pictures are posted either. I’d like them a little larger as well.

The screen shots look great! I definitely like the realism of the world and the color scheme. It looks very gritty and foreboding.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Should be fixed. We don’t have much time to devote to web development unfortunately. =/

Yeah only if it saves some days for game release. For me every second is important.:slight_smile:

p.s. Rhis you are registered from nov 2009? than you must be the guy responsible for the forums yes? (I mean who made it)

oops double post… automatic weld does not work here

Medierra handles most of the forums stuff. :slight_smile:

These screenshots look great! Excellent work! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next. I sure hope the payment issues get resolved soon. I really want to pre-order =).

Thanks for posting them so quickly! How many exclamation points can I use in one post?! Who knows?!

Very nice.
Although I am a bit concerned that any screen-shots that you show are only going to make the anticipation for the game grow.
I don’t know if I can handle it.

Pfff you only have 12 months or so to wait.:wink:

With all that gore, GD will probably be banned in Australia.

I second this! Again, the work looks really promising. Thanks also for your responsiveness to us fans. Many of us are waiting in the wings to contribute and I’ve got to believe that the screen shots will prompt many more people to do likewise.