Screenshots Posted!

The pictures look really great. I hope you guys are reading some H. P. Lovecraft while making this game, I couldn’t help think about his stories when I saw the pictures. Love the violence.

Just as awesome as I had anticipated! Love the gore, love the environment!

The screenshots look really promising - dark, gloomy and gory. When can we expect a glance at the UI? Assuming one is in place, of course.

The trend seems to be that excessive gore is only really bad if experienced from a first-person perspective, however little sense that makes.

True, I couldn’t help but also conjure up horrifying visages of unnameable elder things as I saw the pics. Now I fear for my sanity, should these portends come true!

Though I think a little more color would be nice, this is nevertheless a nice start. As I was quite pleased with the visuals of TQ, I have confidence you will deliver.

I like the color gradient used in the game. :slight_smile: Lots of pretty dark hues and a few contrasting vivids(the greens and blues). It seems pretty cool

The screenshots look very nice, especially for being so early into development. My only qualm (which is odd) is that there is no yellow! Greece was a very interesting region because of all the wheat, but I guess there wouldn’t be many crops to harvest after an apocalypse.

Well there must be some game moments in Heaven. There is wheat in Heaven. Much yellow wheat that floats in the warm light of the sun. Maybe end game.

Ahh… very nice indeed! I was hoping for a fair lass in a leather skirt, but this’ll do nicely for now! :smiley:

looks really good… so when do the legendaries get their hands on an alpha? :slight_smile: im super impatient, i want it all and i want it right now!

Kinda cool, I like the pallet. The blood looks ok. Impartial; really.

I’m just after loot. What’re those skulls?

Looking good…but then I figured it would. I know you guys are gonna make a great game!

Love the darker tone the game has, but i believe the whole game isn’t going to be correct?

Screenshots looks amazing. However contribution section is on silent.
Pictures dark and gory as we love them.

I hope you can solve contribute problem some way…

love the realism, cannot wait for more!

This looks very good, I can’t wait !!!

Oh and Demo(lition) man in action rocks :slight_smile:

The screenshots are nice, but I doubt they do the game justice compared to seeing it in motion. And that’s not a hint.

Edit: So yeah, looking forward to seeing more as the development progresses & things get implimented, or released to the public (like the UI). :slight_smile:

A funny thought crossed my mind when I was watching those screenshots… THIS is exactly the atmosphere many Diablo-fans were looking forward to in D3. Including me, so I’m more than happy to see the results like these. I was honestly put off by some cartoony and childish stuff at D3. Also rainbows.

Anyway. Would love to see some UI and skill-effects but since the classes are still heavily in development, I know it’s too much to ask at this point. Anyway, good work getting the screenshots up, got me pumped up since the atmosphere is JUST like I wanted it to be!

Absolutelly agreed in 1000% :slight_smile:

It’s perfect in prealpha stage. The show must go on ! :slight_smile: Bloody undead slasher is on the way.

Keep up the very hard work! iT worth ! :slight_smile:

looks even more awsomer then awsome in a can :smiley:

i knowe the game is “grim” but im wondering will theyer be day light