Se puede extender el tiempo de invocación de mascotas por objetos?

Una consulta, algún Moder sabe como crear un objeto donde agregue mas tiempo a la mascota invocada? Hay ciertas armas u objetos que podes invocar una mascota pero lo malo es que viven 25 segundos, se podrá extender o detener ese tiempo?

you would need to find the respective pet/skills in the tables (and make sure it’s the correct one) then you change their duration value
here’s an example where @tqFan teaches me to mod wind devils to permanent pet/infinite duration

ex to make pets/wind devil infinite duration the value is set to 0 (which i still think is funny), but you can enter other values to make them temporary but longer durations

probably the trickiest part for you will be to find the right table with the right pets/granted skills, but once you found them changing the duration is simple

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