Searching for the uLtiMaTe warrior

Howdy! first off I wanna say i typicaly like to play by lvling different builds and seeing how much i enjoy them,i have rarerly made a very endgame build,also reset my account twice so far :sweat_smile:

So this time for my next character i want to make a strong endgame character as posible and i was thinking instead of just searching the forum for something that catches my eye,that i would simply ask all you lovely lads and lasses for one

I do however have some notes about what the build should or should not contain:

-no piano style
-no pets(sorry to all the birbs out there)
-fairly simple to play
-works around a full set supporting the build
-and ofc that it can perform decently in all aspects of the game SR/cruci/celestials

show me what you got!


There’s a load of one-button Warder builds in the compendiums here that will do the job. Easy to level and gear. Like this, courtesy of @RektbyProtoss

silly powerful warder

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Some flavour of fire Forcewave checks all of your boxes. The mandatory elements are the Justice set and the weapon which is easily farmable from Bastion of Chaos. Everything else can be switched up to your liking and is fully capable of all endgame content.

This is a rough example:



yeah,something like this looks pretty cool,im rly digging the health regen theme it has,and the craziest part is…not only are its defences good,but that dps is also bonkers,makes you feel sad for other builds that are more complicated to play and arent nearly as well rounded

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