Seasonal event

Appearance pumpkin enemy and items
Unique equipment of limited

Gift from ulgrim(rare or Legenddary)
Unique equipment of limited

how is it?

Grim Dawn is not a MMORPG. I think this is useless.

no please. no :frowning:

You’ve been playing Terraria, haven’t you?


surely does not fit these events to the grim dawn:eek:

I think it would be fun, as Borderlands TPS and if I’m not mistaken, Borderlands 2 too used to have these, so it would add a bit of fun, if correctly implemented.

But with Crate being composed of a small team and stuff, I think that this is best left for modders. :slight_smile:

Nice criticism to the suggestion :rolleyes:

No need say more but is easy. not because this game no MMO, because this is for childrens, this is a adult game

Borderlands and terraria aren’t either, and they both have seasonal events. Not to mention countless other non-MMO’s.

Even something as simple as changing healing potions and vital essences to candy canes and cookies, to full on winterized events with winter/ice bosses.

Even Grand Theft Auto 5 had a winter event. (which was, I might add, amazing.) And there’s probably not a more ‘adult’ game out there

I think they have more than enough time to make small little changes… Maybe like… Xmas lights in Devil’s Crossing. lol

The Children-Argument is really stupid, and i hope this guy meant it different way, because people who claim that claim certain Games/Features are for a certain Age because of its Artstyle or whatever. Sorry but such claimings are really childish and i find such people should grow up. At the other Hand, as an Adult you shouldn’t care anyway what some people try to claim/provoke.

But i think(and hope) he meant, it doesn’t fits the Style of the Game. While Borderlands, Terraria or even GTA is very humorous where such things like Christmas fits, Grim Dawn have a really serious atmosphere/lore. So i can’t agree as well with the suggestion, while i’m also not entirely against it.

Make it optional DLC and charge for it.

Because reaching into the seat of your pants and pulling out something that is certain to alarm your enemies is really mature and makes it an adult game only. :rolleyes:

A couple of joke items/easter eggs is not the same as having seasonal events that don’t even come close to fitting in with the whole theme of the game.

Keep your christmas and halloween etc events for mmo’s and comedy games like Borderlands thankyou very much.

Seasonal events would be cool but not if they were just some sort of decoration and item gift. I’d much prefer a seasonal event where some sort of action happens. For example, the barrier between Cairn and the Aetherial plane is thinner during the winter or summer solstices (if Cairn has seasons). At this point the Aetherials not only become stronger but they start crossing the barrier in larger numbers, causing all kinds of havoc. You could also see new types of Aetherial crossing over for these short periods of time.

That’s why they’re called seasonal in the first place… derp. :rolleyes:

It’s just a small event that lasts for a while and has no relationship with the theme of the game, and there are quite a few games similar to GD that have similar extras like this.

“Waaaaah people are trying to get my victorian-era post-apocalyptic zombie/alien/demon hack&slash retextured for seasonal reasons!”


I get the feeling that seasonal events wouldn’t directly increase sales too much but I’m all for them anyways; it’s a great way of getting everyone playing again which leads to more word-of-mouth advertisement down the line.

Killing Floor’s seasonal events were great, and despite being the bloodiest, brutallest first-person-shooter of its time, it afforded to have some fun with the events too.

Why not? There are guns in this game anyways.

There’s always ways around the lore. Morale is low, maybe a little bit of festive cheer will get spirits up. I’ve scavenged for some cookie materials. Cairn most certainly has holidays and rituals observed, those things don’t just up and vanish. (play nice or the boogy void monster will make your bedsheets smelly like rotten eggs! if you’re good, he’ll give you treats!)

if you want Christmas events. wait or make a mod Christmas and enjoy

You nailed it. It has no relationship with the theme of the game. Also, care to name these other games with similar depressing end of the world themes that still also have seasonal events?

Oh and the derp and the rolling eyes you keep posting comes across as quite childish by the way. Try and be a bit more adult, these are not the steam forums you know.