Second Expansion ?

I’d love additional masteries (shield/paladin mastery WHEN) but I think Crate is pretty burned out from making them. After the first expansion I’d rather give them time to recharge their creativity, maybe release some smaller, free content here and there as they are apt to do.

As for a whole `nother plot of land to slay baddies in? I dunno. I’m going to want to see how absurdly massive this coming expac is, as Crate tends to overdo everything. I don’t think I would want a higher levelcap or another tier of loot, but I’d never be opposed to more quests/lore/enemies.

I guess the short version of my opinion is “Yes, in time.”

I believe it is medierra, actually, attributed with long ago stating that he would like to eventually, thru expansions, bring the mastery count to 10 or so (and a max level of 200).

Since there has been quite a bit of time since he boldly tossed that challenge down I wouldn’t be surprised if he has maybe revised that desire since.

I’d rather have Grim Dawn II over a second expansion. Grim Dawn II sounds better to me mainly cause there exists the possibility for Crate work on a new engine that will give them the flexibility to make a much better game
And it also would be much more rewarding than a second expansion imo

Also as Ceno said it’d be better to let them “recharge” for now.

And I personally want a good RTS as well. Especially with Parkitect and Planet Coaster making Park Simulation fun again i’d like to see a good modern day RTS

They could make a second expansion much faster than a new GD on a new engine. So more xpac imo.

This post might interest people (it is a little old though)

What you or anyone else wants is moot. Crate have made the decision to work on other projects for the time being. One seems to be a city builder strategy, the other is “based on GD, but a somewhat different kind of game” according to Medierra. As he said a while ago, he doesn’t feel it’s good for the company to have all its eggs in the one basket and the team needs a change of pace/scenery too or risk getting burnt out as Ceno said. Plus they’re currently working on 'porting the game over to Xbox as well as getting the expansion finished.

As for a second expansion, the TQ engine the game is built on is over 10 years old now. How feasible it would be to make another expansion on it in a few years’ time is debatable. Whether it could be combined with a newer system …? I’m not tech minded enough to say, but I doubt it. A GD2 possibly if Medierra and the team feel like making it on a different platform, but a second expansion? I have my doubts.

Not sure what you meant with that picture Chthon. The only ideas that are worse than MOBA would be a Minecraft clone or a Heartstone clone.

To be honest I’ve never played Minecraft, the amount of shit it gets makes me wonder if it’s worth it.
Hearthstone is just plain shit imo. But card games seem to be on the rise now, Gwent, Bethesda is launching one of its own.

I am not sure how Card games are bad, well they suck in my opinion. But from a profit point of view it sounds better than MOBAs and Minecraft clones due to the fact that you get to target the Mobile Gaming audience ($$$$). A decent card games to entice the nerds along with some micro-transactions equals easy money

As for MOBA market, I am not sure Crate (or anyone) can survive there. Even Heroes of the Storm is having a hard time. League of Salt and DOTA are pretty dominant. Then again I haven’t gotten my hands dirty with those type of games for over a year now

Can I interest you in a game of Gwent?

Minecraft is fine, once in a while I play it with a couple of friends. Heartstone is, idk, probably also fine as far as card games go. The problem is not with these games themselve but how clones sprawled at some point and pretty much failed.

Why Heroes of the Storm is having a hard time? I play it and it feels fine, regular updates, fast queue and such. If you meant competitive-wise, well, not every game has to have a competitive scene with 1.000.000$+ prizes.

I guess that’s a fair point but last time I was involved in MOBAs, League of Salt and DOTA had the majority of the playerbase

I do hope for some arpg content.
Even experienced developers some time try to catch a hype. The biggest example is Dawn of War 3. Despite being developed by the Relic it is a very primitive moba with zero tactical depth …

It doesn’t matter how big the playerbase is if it’s big enough. :cool:

yes, and so is your opinion :wink:

While we cannot decide for Crate, we definitely can let them know what we think about the topic. When you think about it, this is pretty much true for the entire forum, so that is just as moot as this thread - or just as relevant

Crate have made the decision to work on other projects for the time being.

But only in parallel, not exclusivley, it’s not like they have put GD on hold.

As for a second expansion, the TQ engine the game is built on is over 10 years old now. How feasible it would be to make another expansion on it in a few years’ time is debatable.

which is what this thread does :wink:

2 expansions, don’t be so stingy i want 5.

Seeing how one single item can open up new builds, if there were additional expansions I would be more interested in new items > devotions > masteries > areas.

I wouldn’t say no to it. But i am not sure what is best for the game… Usually, one expansion is just the thing! And besides, “finishing” something at the height of its peak, is one of the important factors to make it an all times classic (like Diablo 2 and Titan Quest). Overstretching something, rarely has any good results for it.

Two expansions is more than enough to me. After that it just feels like the game is being milked. I’d rather Crate move on to something else instead.

Mercy, sah.

It’s not my fault you guys make such good stuffs, now produce Dammit;)