Seeds for farms

i’d like a seed mechanic like in going medieval (actually i proposed that and then devs added it to the game); so, when you have to plant something, you need that quantity of seed.
For cereals seeds are just the cereal itself, so you have to choose how much store to use it to make a field, for others should be a subproduct of that kind of crop.
Could be easy - if i understood the system - maybe addig another requirement to the farmer, not only “tools” but seeds too.


I don’t know that I would like to get as granular as managing seed quantity, but I do think discovering crop seeds, either through trade or maybe gathering, would add a really nice level of progression to the farming system. Say you discover the seed for wheat - now you can plant and harvest wheat. The system as is, seems like an easy way to get all types of food in the early game.

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well, i suggested it to going medieval and - despite people were not so hyped :smile: - they added it in the game, leaving the choise to the gamer.

However, as i see it is very interesting, and specially to the late game that is always the weak part of every games.

We just need another cathegory in stuff window, after “food” there should be a “seed” cathegory.

For some seed - cereals - they are the same of food, so you have to choose how much invest in planting and how much keep as food.

fields could have another option like “choose how much plant of this crop”.

think if your warehouse or granary takes fire and you loose all the seeds…or for a raid…in late game, in which farming is essential, is a real challenge.

I think it’s not a big deal to manage that, but gives to the game another level in deep, and force you to not grow so fast as you can now, cause you need a large amount of ssed to plant bigger fields.

Of course the field should make two items, the plant itself and the relative seed, or maybe another buildings that extract seed from plants

Hope you and some other people enjoy the idea

I love your idea. I like to discover seed from wild instead of given.

yes sure. I hope developers loves it too :smile:

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I’d like to take this one step further than the game, but not so far as granular number of seeds needed.

We already have access to some really interesting things, but have no ability to gain an advantage from them. And this is exactly what frontiers people would do. We have access to nuts, mushrooms, herbs, etc. I would really like to see that we can cultivate these items that are already available. Being able to move mushrooms, hazelnut bushes, willow, etc. to create more effective foraging units (like the blueberries) but also, there are button bushes, wild roses and other items that are conducive to bees that I’d like to be able to move into my village as decor, etc.

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