Self-cast hotkey

It would be useful to have a self-cast hotkey. For example, as an inquisitor I often want to cast a seal centered around my character, but if there’s enemies on top of me it can be hard to click.

There have been similar topics before: Inquisitor Seal Self Target
And here’s a link to external multi-tool which does what you want: [Tool] GDAutocaster - play piano builds with ease, autocasting of skills, combos, faster / automatic camera, autohiding of items, centered Inquisitor Seal and more for all games!

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First of all modding Inquisitor Seal to be self-cast should be easy.
I did it in Titan Quest with one of the skills very quickly.
Or you can use AutoHotkey:

There are two difficulties that come to mind that could happen while casting Inquisitor Seal while fighting:

Having to move your cursor at all
(Inquisitor Seal not being self-centered cast)

This can be solved by GDAutocaster Center Cast feature which moves your cursor automatically to the center of the screen for the cast (and then goes back):

which can be realized by the following config:

[center casts]

5 - Inquisitor Seal in-game keybind
A - key that you choose to do the whole thing with

(there’s an option closer_not_center which makes the cursor move closer to your character instead of precisely in the center of the screen which makes the character not lose orientation / direction facing but still assures it’s under your feet)

Skills not being cast where your cursor is because you’re locked onto some enemy

The following Gif shows Inquisitor Seal not cast where the cursor is but where the dummy is:

To solve that, we need to cast it while holding Force Move:

Of course we don’t want to hold additional buttons during fights
so we automate it using GDAutocaster program mentioned before:
(the Gif above is actually a result of using it)

Config legend

  • U - Force Move key configured in-game (U in my case)

  • A - key that causes Force Move + Inquisitor Seal cast if you hold it

  • 5 - Inquisitor Seal is here on the hotbar configured in-game
    (Inquisitor Seal needs to be cast with some initial_delay to register that Force Move is held

  • Combo Hold 1 makes U being held while you hold A

  • Combo Press 1 presses 5 button 100 ms after you press A

[combo holds]

[combo presses]

You can also have a simpler config if A is just your Force Move in-game instead of U:

[combo presses]

You can have a button responsible for Inquisitor Seal pressed multiple times to make sure the skill is not interrupted if you use Autocast by Hold instead of Combo Press feature like this:

[combo holds]

[autocast by hold]

This is because in Grim Dawn skills can interrupt each other if you try to cast multiple quickly.

Let’s combine all these things into 1 Zantai-proof combo!

  • cursor automatically going to the center of the screen

  • Force Move being held
    (you can see Dummies not being highlighted)

  • multiple casts to prevent interruption

[combo holds]

[center casts]
  • combo hold 1 is for holding Force Move

  • center cast is with some initial_delay to register Force Move properly

  • 3 subsequent Inquisitor Seal cast attempts with 200ms between them to ensure the cast
    because it’s either Inquisitor Seal or you’re ded

GDAutocaster’s full potential unleashed
By just holding Right Mouse Button I cast:

  • self-centered Inquisitor Seal (to die or not to die)
    • the video starts with cursor on the character but it moved there automatically from Mad Queen
      and then goes back to fire all the skills below:
  • Fire Strike (main DMG source)
  • Flash Bang (DA debuff)
  • Thermite Mines (RR)
  • Blazing Eruption (Relic) DMG + Meteors proccer

(this requires long and precise config though to be 100% reliable)

Word of Renewal cast automatically in the background.
All permabuffs cast with 1 button.

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