Sentinel of the Three builds, wherefore art thou?

I kinda threw one together, but I’ll admit I’m surprised that nobody has done anything with this yet. At least for an actual Sentinel (as Warlord has too many OP options already imho).

I have running joke about Sentinel of the three set builds. Warlord, Archon or even classless???

Come on guys, Sentinel is literally written in the set’s name! :smile:

It gets annoying to set it up, I built it with 2 pc stoneguard set, Okaloth’s Visage and 22/12 in retribution so that it can actually attack as well as retaliate. Feels like you could use exact same gear for a warlord, it wouldn’t do as much dmg but it would be much tankier b/c of all the soldier buffs. I’ll post mine once I get all my components put together, I’m chronically out of everything.

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@Nery hates this…
Leveled this to 100, real fun…
To be optimized, any time soon… (ish…)

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That looks interesting, I’ve never messed around with Daegas.

Not full Sentinel of the Three set build but one of the fastest retaliation builds ever: [] Poison Ivy - 6m Crucible 150-170, easy SR 75-76 no greens resilient Acid Retaliation caster Archon [vid][g3][cr+][sr+]

It would be great if Sentinel had vines :rofl:

Try this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: