Settlement Showcase - Share your creations!

I see a Maypole and some Urns.
This is the kind of stuff I was hoping to see in coming here to this game.
My grid-style layouts are basic, and only look nice because of the bric-a-brac and window-dressing the game supplies.
Your work is beautiful.

Thank you, yes I signed up for the BETA test 0.8, cool stuff the new items!

that’s a beauty almost like Paris

Most impressive I had not thought of using plazas to make double width streets and roads… thbis is something I shall now try…

they should buy the rights to this to use as a game promo… it is a collossal piece of design and building work which brings gravitas and grandeur to the game… beautifully done video with great sound… the best I have seen of what is possible in this title

I took some “street level” snapshots, now that my settlement’s been shaping up some.


Only August so far, but we’ll catch up soon enough!


I always forget to get shots of the raid itself. :slight_smile:

Well done.
Looking forward to more installments.
The awards are well deserved.

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The new buildings and decorations are great!


Expanded my defence on the mountain front.

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Griefwald… Seeking Shelter.

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Honestly, I think we might need to start a save file repository where users can share their saves so anyone can load them up and view (and record) and see people’s creations in motion.


OK, Nazilvar a few years in and after the great Hidden Stone disaster of year 1, which reduced the population to 3… it has just reached a tier three town hall and suffers predation and raiding but toils on.

High Street

South Gate

Agricultural area
(awaiting a repaired Windmill – raiders destroyed it and our only heavy tool… hence the new barracks and partial pallisade)


There just might be a plan in motion that leans towards that…

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So is the Fieldstone Fence.

Nice. Hope it pans out. I haven’t played Satisfactory in a while but I remember the community had something setup to share saves and some content creators would review impressive saves.


It’s gonna be a little while yet (if at all), but I’m putting a fair bit of work into it and hoping to “partner” with someone to hopefully deliver something similar, with our own unique twist :crossed_fingers::pray: still early days though.

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The starting position for this Lowland Lakes map looks different, somehow…

Year 26
Just upped it to a population of 48.

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