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Your breweries products are for export only then?

No Pubs?

Well done, good job bringing the Entertainment and Desirability levels up without them.

Since no merchant buys honey (maybe one every 10 years), I had to do something with it or it would swarm my storage (unless I deactivate everywhere and live with the message telling there aren’t enough storage available). So I do beer for export, which merchants buy a lot more often.


Ironholm Fortress


El Dorado… fairly grid based, pre planned…I keep telling myself next one will be an organic build but I am a sucker for grids :slightly_smiling_face:


You built a high ground area. Was that high ground selected, or did commissioned?

Image 2, the menu. This looks discouraging and complicated, a lot of time spent tinkering and manipulating. Is there away to streamline this type of a menu, into a legacy system. Unlocking this type of menu, for end game or after end game?

Have you even played the game? Just hit P on your keyboard.

I don’t see what you mean by tinkering in this menu.
I just showed it for information purpose so that people see the jobs in this town (could help some people).
The only time I tinker in this menu, is to remove farmers and foragers for the winter so I have more laborers in the beginning of the game (but at this point in the game I don’t need to do it anymore).

It’s just a panel that helps you see what jobs you have in your town, and if someone dies you can easily find out what he was doing and replace him/her/undefined.

It’s a thing I posted months ago. Basically it’s build a menu systems, to show all the advancements and achievements. Then figure out at least 3 ways to accomplish those things. Hide them under the hood, so they act as a passive progression. Then unlock advancements, as you practice the more simple ones. The goal is with a primitive system, you can have modifiers to help determine the success and quality of the advanced technology. Until later in the game, mastering those techniques becomes the new primitive. Then by ways of united effort, advance colonies and colonists through the same passive logic, until the game is complete. With as many cultures or skills as the game will offer, into a total world establishment. I tried to paraphrase, but I think the point is there.

Well…I’m definitely lost :joy::man_shrugging:

Sounds like you desperately need Buckwheat!

Weed levels way too high :wink::joy:

Maybe a link to this post you’re talking about might clear things up a little :man_shrugging:


All my villages look kind of similar :slight_smile:


But weeds are growing higher than buckwheat. Corny maybe able to solve the problem, though it’ll mean years before proper turnout.

My favorite thing to do with city builders is to beauty build while achieving functionality as well.


Huh, the cementery :slight_smile: I don’t know why but in almost every new game I start, I end up having necro-deers. For some reason they love the area and keep respawning on my cementeries.


How much freedom do you have, when it comes to building? I am talking in terms of designs, how the layout and outcome can be modified. This is in terms opposed to the cookie cutter preselected architecture. How much freedom do you have to customize architecture, based on your ideas and ideal locations for buildings?

In terms of architecture the game only has one design / culture at the moment, maybe that will change in time. I have a hard time placing the architecture as I am not a study of old world civilization architecture but if I had to guess its a mix of Bohemian / Slavic / Bulgarian. I may be totally wrong but it feels very far eastern European in general.

The developers give a sizable range of production chains so there are a variety of buildings and almost all buildings can be upgrading giving them a different aesthetic as you progress in the game. There is also a lot of freedom in terms of design of your town.


I was hoping for something along the lines of. Example: Wheat farm that had gone upgradable with a wing for a shop.
Example: Graveyard had a upgrade for catacombs.
Example: Market had a wing for import and a wing for local goods.
Example: Town hall with upgradable wing for fire and police department.

My ideas is these would not be strict to one preset placement. Rather they would be an addition, with optional placement options. These optional placement options could allow for city management and regional themes or categories, depending on player ideals.

Yeah maybe someday, though I think their wise to accomplish the game first, then maybe get more ambitious with a new title or second game.

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How has this thread gone from sharing screenshots of town creations, to in-detail discussions of architecture or wish-list ideas for things people want added to the game?
A lot of the comments that are not directly related to a particular image or set of images here, seem to be better suited for General Discussions or Ideas & Feedback threads. Just saying- I come here to look at pretty pictures, not to see walls of text. :unamused:
Here- have a pretty picture of a lonely bull looking for his herd:


Indeed. Please keep this thread just for screenshots of your settlements and make new threads to discuss other subjects please.


I took a chance at the edge of the new map, that it was a peninsula, rather than an isthmus, putting my town hall between ‘two’ bodies of water and as close to the black as it would allow, and it paid off pretty well, I think.

Most all of my production, storage and cash interests are behind this few feet of Wall one Tower and the Town Hall, which acts as a pretty mean Tower itself.

So far, only one of the half dozen raids has left with anything, a few pieces of meat and some cabbages.

The Blueberries are in season.