Sexy gear for the ladies

It would be awesome when we had sexy gear some different looks ?
I installed the one on this forum but i dont see anything , like the reign of terror mod i dont see a druid maybe because i have grimmarillion ?

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Game doesn’t need sexy gear, but if you want it make a mod for it yourself.

Those are 2 different mods and shouldn’t affect each other.

lolol i don’t know how to make a mod , but when we don’t have sexy gear its okay too.

You have to wait in line, some of us are still waiting on a Mod that gives Logh sexy lingerie, and a romance option for Ulgrim.

Hell, I still haven’t got Glowing Briarthorn butts yet!

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Well, while i’m really some of these Guys who enjoy sexy Gear and Character-Design (and don’t question how “realistic” it might be, especially in fantasy/scifi genres), i still can’t stop laughing when such Topics popup.

However, and maybe it’s only me, but i want to leave a screenshot of this skin:

/Edit: But seriously, if you want MOAR! sexy gear, you should either mod it for yourself or find someone who is willing to mod it.