Shattered Realm Boss Spawning Discussion

Ah, no, no. I wasn’t exactly asking for buffing Familiars and even if I were, I doubt it will happen since there have been plenty of changes since then and the Birbs are doing fine atm, atleast in my opinion.

I just remembered that particular thread and post because I didn’t know about Camera thingy back then and only realized it actually was there when @sir_spanksalot told me.

And for a while I used to ask that the Camera thingy be fixed (I had also protested against fixing it oddly enough :woman_shrugging:) so that builds could then be buffed accordingly later.

I was never a fan of buffing/nerfing builds as a whole just because of their performance in a particular game mode or aspect.

Like, we have SR 110+ being considered the top level (if that spreadsheet by @Stupid_Dragon is anything to go by). But I would hate to see the builds nerfed solely because they could achieve such numbers by using an exploit.

So, once it is normalized, people could perhaps ask for buffs to weaker builds and Z might be more willing. (even though 60 seems to be his preferred level for balancing around)

Worst case scenario, the change ends up being extremely oppressive and most builds that struggle in SR struggle even more and even then, Z can always simply change it back to being 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 if most of the builds and players struggle more than intended while fighting 1v2.

This might however, cause grief for those who enjoyed the 1v1 aspect of fighting certain bosses who were actually challenging in SR due to scaling in higher shards. Like I barely notice Iron Maiden’s presence in Crucible or Campaign. However, in deeper SR, she is a legit threat. But fighting her at the same level after the change could mean having to take on another boss at the same time which understandably not many would consider fun.

Still, imo Camera thingy makes SR’s already volatile nature, even worse and harder to balance. That most people don’t even know about the Camera Trick and that there is no way of finding out without someone telling them or they finding it by accident, makes it even worse.


I think it makes it very consistent, that is why people like to use it.

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You will find no disagreements from me there.

What I am saying is that if they wish to let SR have the option to pull 1 by 1 or reset aggro, it is better to implement it directly into the mode itself rather than requiring you to actually turn the camera around or zoom in. Since not many know about it and there is no indicator within the game itself to tell them, it currently creates 2 different Benchmarks for builds and if the devs want to include SR as a viable Criteria to balance around, it would be easier for them (and us) if the results with and without Camera thing is more similar or as would be in this case, the same.

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The thing is new norm will not be actually the same for different types of builds. There are videos of builds aggroing all bosses in 75/76 shards and still succeeding, they’ll not be affected by the change even if you nerf them.

But for build like melee and spamming skills casters going against 2x tough bosses might put the new norm way lower than other play styles, despite not having differences in their defensive skills.

Also some classes will have (even) harder times producing viable farming guys. Even if 75/76 isn’t the balancing focus, it’s the cornerstone of SR for quite some time.

Now we speak theoretically but it’s better to discuss these things in advance and take the necessary precautions before we see creation of something, which it’s… well not very pleasant. It’s aliveee.

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Ehm… No?

The discussion as I got it was about gap between casters/retal and pure melees in terms of endgame

So thats the reason or what? Someone can’t stand 3-4 people abusing camera at SR100?

Its hard to talk about sympathy, while you just tryhard high end and argue with devs and praets in feedback, but the community demonizes you, talks shit day by day in the OFFICIAL discord and than on the forum on a serious note calls us elitists, toxics and tells us about shitposting.
In the end you can compare:

  • mad_lee was banned for two weeks for some salty drama w/o perconal insults
  • duchi was banned for 3 (or so) weeks for nationalist statements

Actually, 75 isn’t that scary even with full aggro these days. I should say that I like the early FG SR much more, when 75 was soulslike achievement

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Let’s not go into discussing moderation matters, shall we? I’m not gonna go into why’s of specific bans, but it’s stupid to compare them based on the durations of the bans alone.

It is not Official Discord actually. Not sure why Max calls it that, but it is not affiliated or run by Crate.
It is fan made discord server run by Max.

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Ehm… But…

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I know. But it is just a false statement and misleading.

I did bring it to Max’s attention ages ago, but he still calls it that for some reason.

Even though this is off-topic, perhaps @Zantai could shed some light on it.

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It’s as official as the Wiki. It is the “official” wiki in the sense that we direct the community to work on that one resource rather than updating a dozen other wiki’s, but that is not affiliated with us either.

We are happy to add other communities to the community links if requested


I see :slight_smile:

Change and adapt. I am sure you folks will be back to rocking SR 100 in no time. In fact, start testing now by pulling 2…you can already start getting data that way to prove your case.

You can start seeing which pairs are horrible and will impact build diversity as @AlkamosHater has stated. I don’t think Crate is unreasonable with proper data. :man_shrugging:


Sorry I didn’t realize you were playtesting the upcoming patch! My bad!


The thing is the current norm isn’t the same for different types of builds, so what’s your point? Nothing you said is wrong, but I also don’t think any of it is relevant.

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@Slev1n try this ultos warder instead… 2H Warder Full Ulto's warder Primal Strike :wink:
11k spirit, 117k health, 10k OA, 8k DA


I believe if the scaling doesn’t change, SR75 will be no more difficult than in the vid


Because warder is “Lightning fast, and strong, and sturdy”


And you have already test it?
“This is just speculation, of course, as no one has tried the new SR yet.”

Still the same thing lol can’t quote everything with mobile; @Dmt some playstyles has advantages since I started the game and I’m sure it’s that way since the vanilla.

With camera abuse, pulling 1v1 may make you think we’re filling the gap? Will we use cam abuse AA builds and go full agro with casters?

Not being able to do this abuse will only reveal this problem about playstyles. Some has advantages; not just in SR but in CR aswell. I didn’t hear any of you complain about that for example. So you’re not interested in making playstyles equal I guess. I don’t know what you want, what you call great, what you call bad news because even if you like the update news, you still giving mixed signals.

Want to fix this problem? @Nery @Dmt Want AA builds perform close to hit&runs, RTA’s etc. then please ask for constructive changes about in-game balance and I will support you. Other people should support aswell. I always play melee, you think I’m not aware of this gap? Or you think I don’t want to change it just because I argue with you?
But camera abuse it’s not the solution; just a a cover up. You said; it’s caster dawn. And I’m sure after the update, a few video with melee builds comparing casters in new SR should be enough to support your argument and to get attention in reasonable shards. Letting things stay the same doesn’t fix anything except create comfort zone for a few individuals. This is what I can’t stand.

Edit: And 1-1-1-1 suggestions is just normalized version of the abuse. Devs clearly doesn’t want that for SR but, if we go step by step; first experience than feedback; in time they can compromise for the sake of balance.

And about sympathy, if you stop being cynical and stop seeing yourself above everything else then people won’t demonize you. And actually it’s you, calling yourselves “elite” and acting like that in most intstance. So if you wanna be defensive about it; you should check your “community”'s general attitude over the years. Even I called “Elitist” once and I know I deserved it, maybe you did too?(most “you” used in plural meaning)

Now please, let us see and experience the new SR, then we can complain about it.

Man, where is @malawiglenn when you need him.