Shattered Realm

I’ll be short.

I decided to walk through Shattered from 25 to 50 (had a quest). Overall, it tooks about 6 hours to reach shard 46. Met there 4 bosses that I couldn’t kill.

6 hours, no progress, no loot. Nice. Absolutely wonderfull experience.

Just like in some famous TV show, you HAD an option to take your money earlier, before you encounter something you cant manage :).

Fact is, there is no way to find out, or guess, you will meet a boss room you can’t beat.

I just played shards 20 and 21 (in elite), no issue, and the boss room of 21 was just impossible.
How could I know I should have stopped at 20 ?

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Crucible: You died, you got a consolation prize.
Crucible: You can’t beat 150? Okay, here is your consolation prize. Wanna try again at 130? Okay, you can also quit at 140 and get your loot.
Crucible: 90 - okay, it gets a little harder, 100 - okay, it gets a little harder, 110 - okay, it gets a little harder, 120 - okay, it gets a little harder, 130 - okay, it gets a little harder, 140 - okay, it gets a little harder, 149 - okay, it gets a lot harder, 150 - okay, it gets a little harder.

Shattered Realm: You can’t beat the five bosses and one Nemesis at once in a very small area where 70% of the ground does aether damage? Too bad, it’s your fault.

Shattered Realm: 35 - pretty easy, wanna do another one? 36 - pretty easy, wanna do another one? […] 43 - pretty easy, wanna do another one? 44 - okay, I hate you, here is the f*cking small aether boss area the 7th time since level 35 again. I heard, Slathsarr Aethergaze is one of your favorite bosses, perfectly designed for this small area. You can’t beat any of the 4 bosses because of 70% of the area does aether damage and 30% are covered in poison now? Too bad, it’s your fault. Did I mention, you get no reward for the last hour you have spent playing Shattered Realm? Too bad, it’s your fault.

How to beat Shattered Realm at 50 on Ultimate, if you can’t beat 44?
Go on Normal or Elite, get the Desecrated Waystone blueprint. Open 50 on Ultimate and beat three easy levels. Encounter five bosses and one Nemesis in a very nasty combination in a very small area without any hiding spots. No area damage? Don’t worry, now you’re perma stunned and you are dead anyway after a few seconds. Too bad, it’s your fault.

Next try, open 50 on Ultimate and beat three too easy levels again. Get the biggest boss area, three bosses stay at the north end of the area and don’t move. Beat Valdaran, beat “Grava light”, beat something else and now kill Cyrian Marcan and his two friends.

That’s just shitty game design.


Or you learn to fix your lack of stun resist and don’t get chain stunned. Having it at 80% pretty much keeps you alive and capable of dealing out damage.

Also maybe chug some resistance potions to further overcap your resistances.

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I agree, design for SR feels worse than for Crucible. But it isnt hard to accomodate to it. Just run 5 shards (to “checkpoint”), collect reward and restart SR from newly opened checkpoint. Running more than 3-5 shards, you dont actually get more rewards in SR. You just waste your time. Running 5 chards per “SR sessions” allows you to get nice rewards AND save your progress. If you enconter “mission impossible”, you dont get rewards for up to 5 last shards, and dont get progress, but you dont lose everything you’ve fared last 3 hours :).

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Thanks for cherry picking one line from my posting and ignoring everything else. :wink:

My stun resist is about 62%, in general it’s okay for most of the game parts.

As USER_NAME_01 or MortalKombat mentioned - get some bad mutators (lower health + 75% slower health reg + reduced damage + 75% more monster health etc.), five horrible bosses and a very small boss area and you encounter an impossible room.

I cannot beat SR 44 on Ultimate, but I can beat SR 50 Ultimate because of a “little” luck with bosses, areas and mutators? That makes no sense at all.

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Because it’s the nature of SR, it’s meant to be random. Sure, they can make it be more consistent, but RNG and luck will still be a big factor.

I mean, isn’t this what people wanted? For an “infinite” random dungeon? Sometimes you get easy stuff, other times you get hard stuff.

I cannot beat SR 44 on Ultimate, but I can beat SR 50 Ultimate because of a “little” luck with bosses, areas and mutators? That makes no sense at all.

“Cannot” as in “Not a chance at all” or as in “Tried 6 times, quitted”?

Had this feeling one time at Shard 77. My “nemesis”, Mad Queen. Falcon Swoop Procc, Massacre Procc…yeah, thank you.

Forget the timer. Look at your Aether Clusters. Look at your stash. Is there anything which helps in this particular fight? Can you neglect any resistances in favor of others?

So I made it. Now I hope everytime that there will be no MQ.

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Fair enough. Though the most irritating thing here is that SR’s difficulty is too random. You are running through SR, feeling the wind in your hair, drinking a cup of tea… and BOOM - 40 minutes of sieging a boss room without any chances

I thought SR’s difficulty was like a ladder, not a matter of chance.

What’s the point of a place that challenges builds if it doesn’t challenge builds?


This is why I run Shattered Realm in waypoints: every multiplier of 5 is a boss room, I finish and loot.

It costs 1 eldritch essence to craft the waypoint that lets me pick up there, and I get loot along the way. I get an average of 3 eldritch essences per 5-Shard run. Pays for itself and then some, it’s sustainable.

This prevents the feeling of “I grinded for 693847325 hours from the first Shard to the 40th and then couldn’t kill the bosses so now I’m screwed out of all that time.”

I have the benefit of assuming it’s me that’s the problem any time I can’t seem to break through a floor, as well, because I’m following a guide that’s been proven to take on floors way higher than my current progress indicates.

This guy knows what’s up. SR is bullshit. It’s completely luck based. You get a terrible boss comp - that’s it, you’re done. No counterplay. All of the monsters have boosted HP and damage and that’s before the mutators apply. Like…why? Crucible spawns the monsters with their actual HP, DMG and resistances, but SR has to screw us up just because? And don’t get me started on how time consuming it is… By the time I complete 10 levels in SR I could’ve finished crucible 100-170. And I definitely would’ve gotten better loot.
Just now I’ve closed the portal to 69lvl after spending 2:30 hours to get there and an additional hour getting killed at the last wave, because I didn’t want all time and effort to go to waste. Sucks to be me, right?
Seriously, fuck SR.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then simply don’t play in there. Plenty of other ways to get loot if that’s your main reason for playing SR.

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It spawns them with a third of the health and less damage than their main campaign counterparts. Even in the last wave of Crucible you are fighting neutered versions of enemies.

you would have been better off getting someone to craft you a desecrated waystone or something, complete a single shard and then you get to craft it for yourself

OP, if you had simply looted every 5 levels this wouldn’t be an issue. You chose to do the equivalent of playing a game for hours without saving, then getting angry that you lost your progress when it was accidentally shutoff.

feels like SR isnt worth or is not well designed tbh
i can barely make it to shard 15 at normal and i spend like 2 hours only to get nothing
im trying to figure out if im bad, my build is bad or im nowhere near end game content or all of the above xD

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Upload and post a grimtools link to your build and someone might be able to help.

Do note that if you are not atleast lvl 90, then doing SR at this point won’t do you good. Would be better to finish campaign and focusing on leveling up since most of the juicy faction gear becomes available only at lvl 94.

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ok first of all im an idiot. it was on ultimate xD
but still i cant farm end game areas/celestial bosses etc, im pretty sure theres too much room for improvement
heres my build:

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