Sheep and pig

I really think we need to introduce two new animals: pigs and sheep.
Sheep would allow, in addition to the production of meat and leather, the production of wool, which in turn would allow the production of warm winter coats, allowing the villagers to work longer outside in cold weather, and to be better defended against animal attacks.
It would also be necessary to introduce wool as a resource, which could also be obtained from the goats already present in the game.
As for the pigs, they could be used to produce meat and tallow, but above all they could feed on the compost obtained from the various houses, so that this resource could be used in a way other than to fertilise the fields.
I know I’m not the first to mention this, but I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented in the game yet, because it doesn’t seem that difficult to me?

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I agree too. Pigs should be of great help when making soap by increasing the ratio of wax. Wool will serve as a clothing material needed later in the game.

Pigs can also be used to eat dead people.

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Why did you turn it so black? It’s so real. Are you planning on making an adult game?

Australia is a good country that even beats China with coal. Come back to the good you of the past

Eating dead people is why Jews and Moslems don’t eat pork. Perhaps we can feed them the bodies of raiding parties.