Shields and Caster Offhands Feedback Thread

Is aether/fire FoI a thing? Do people like offensive MoE mods enough to warrant having some on both Iskandra’s amulet and this?

If not, I’d consider turning Ixillor’s Rageflame into an item for aether/fire Storm Box for Purifier and Paladin, e.g. in combination with Flames of Wrath and/or Warpfire.

Aldanar - This has been nerfed since it was abused even before TD arcanist was a thing. Doubt it will come back now that TD is easy to get for most arcanist builds nowadays. TD biff might even come first.

Judgment of Empyrion - please make the granted skill at least semi spammable. That thing’s a lot worse than pyran 4pc bonus.

Word of Solael - it’s not gonna be your main guy but it’s good mostly because the conversion is relevant. I use it here and I think even with current guardians it’s still good because procs bound on guardians become better and AoE of your RR is enhanced. Just don’t make the mistake of building around Guardians.

Turrion - First, change the retal to fire or lightning. Elemental doesn’t make sense. Also I got a meme idea. It goes like this:

Turrion memes

100% Skill Cooldown Reduction to Mirror of Ereoctes
A shitton of Fire/Lightning Retaliation to Mirror of Ereoctes
-90% Damage Absorption to Mirror of Ereoctes

Figures won’t be exact but you get the idea. Turn mirror form an oh shit button to a permanent buff that gives you a lot of retal and almost nothing else.

@Maya Thanks. Had a feeling about that. Removed stormbringer from the list.

@Nery Agree that CT was over nerfed and I can’t really tell why… Send me your Cold PRM build please, I will use it to try to assess where cold PRM can receive some help.

Also what Malawiglenn pointed out about the shield is why I was skeptical it was that good. If you have a character made please send me the file so I can test the performance and make a judgment myself.

@Belzzzz the Inashkor heads will require more thought from me than I can give atm. I am glad you and anyone else may chime in and give Z something to do with them. I also agree about Vanity, I feel like GD’s “top tier” has changed a lot since then and I really want to see its ability tweaked and pushed a bit to see how much we can get away with with it, but not becoming OP.

@Pareto I have no clue man. I’m biased against stormbox though so that’s not my fave idea :stuck_out_tongue:

@x1x1x1x2 yeah the granted skill is cool so at the least I want to see it rock. Oh nice build. But yeah a lot of parts of the tome go unused by it.

In terms of balance and support, or taste? There’s no accounting for the latter (I find Lightning Tether to be one of the most fun spell mechanics in GD), but it should be noted that Storm Box currently offers no conversion beyond a transmuter which doesn’t affect the second node at all.

I like the tether but having to manually click to use it get tedious I find. So taste. But I’m open to anything really.

The pet bonuses are too small to be meaningful, to the point that even though it has +1 necro, having +all is worth more than the pet bonuses. If the pet elemental resistance was bumped up a bit, it might become useful to Ritualists since the Shaman side is not quite as skill-point thirsty as Occultist, and they need the pet elemental badly. (I’m talking 30%, I don’t know that I’d even bother with it at 25% unless there are other changes elsewhere that help enable Ritualists)

I used this in the Chaos variants of my Lost Souls and Ghol//Wraith builds. This item has some real uses, it’s fine.

As a side note. There are 3 legendary pet off-hands with +1 necro, and none with +1 to either Shaman or Occultist. That is a large part of why Cataclysm’s Eye is always used on pet builds.

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  • Hellscourge: I will just copy my response on the one-hander thread:
    I love sigil and can’t help seeing that fire sigil is really lack on support, especially on item skill modifier and +skills. Rarely see that fire equipmennts have any plus skills to sigil. With proper support, I think it will make elemental occultist caster viable, which can make warlock and deceiver (this class is already decent) more interesting.
    This offhand clearly need to give more damage bump to sigil, maybe also flat cdr, and more damaging proc. I’ve never seen someone use this offhand.
  • Codex of Eternal Storms: This is a good place to give some skill modifier for Cold/Lightning sigil of consumption
  • Codex of Truths: Horn of gandarr need a skill reform, not the item supporting it. The skill just makes no sense.
  • Fiend’s resolve: Chaos RE just doesn’t make any sense. Acid RE is not even working, why adding even more problem? There is no item support aside from that little chaos modifier from soulbearer amulet. Just redesigned the offhand to support something else.

Adding one more:

  • Diviner’s codex: Diviner set has established itself as a successful pet set due to reap spirit reform. However, no one using it for non pet spellbinder or let alone the hybrid one. I don’t know how much better arcanist will be at, but I think it’s time to omit that useless devastation mod.

Shield in GD is really underperforming. Only soldier can really use it, others just basically treat it as offhand like username said. Most builds just better of not using shield at all because it basically gives no offensive and defensive properties. Most of them gives very little stats like maw of the damned, meat shield, watcher of erulan, and others.

The only good shield is the physical one, (and will of the living due to how good krieg set is). Others just used as “offhand” like voidsoul bulwark, stronghold defender, bramblevine, and gravetouch. Other mastery just cannot utilize shield to even half extend, yes even oathkeeper. I don’t know how to fix this though. I think it’s actually one of the biggest problem in GD currently.


This is a bit off topic, but I somewhat disagree with this. The best thing Diviner’s has going for it is that it can be used at the same time as Bysmiel’s Trinkets, but Bysmiel’s Trinkets can be just as good without Diviner’s, and Diviner’s is a lot worse without Trinkets. The TL;DR is that Diviner’s is really awkward/difficult to pair with other pets. It blocks Circlet of the Great Serpent for Blight Fiends, WH/GoDG/Necrolord’s Shroud for Skeletons, it blocks almost everything that boosts Primal Spirit duration, and solo Hellhound/Briarthorn aren’t very good. It’s usable, but not competitive IMO (or maybe I’m just not creative enough).

I see. Frankly I don’t even know how you guys can mix that with bysmiel’s set. diviner set makes reap spirit’s pet inflict vitality+aether damage, but how can elemental pet set can be mixed nicely with diviner I have no idea, lol.

So what are you saying is, the bysmiel’s trinket set carry diviner, not the other way around. Now I even more confuse with the set. I can only give suggestion from non pet side. Been trying to make so many working pet build to no avail.:sweat_smile:

@sigatrev thank you for the feedback. Removed fiendgaze from list.

Busy today. Will respond to ideas with my stance on them at another date. Thanks for pitching in everyone. Don’t be afraid to suggest skill mods you think might work. The goal isn’t to create new 6 or even 7 minute builds necessarily. 8 minutes is fine. 9 minutes even is fine if tanky and safe. Nothing wrong with lower of course but I don’t think the game is actually better when all builds fit in the same range.

Or to flesh out parts of items that aren’t working. Etc. I like the conversations I’m seeing. If people can post efforts with items with crucible times or SR experience that’s fantastic. Fun factor matters too. And don’t be discouraged if they don’t all make it into a patch.

It’s an iterative process. The more we try stuff out and get solid examples, the more we will see results. Past experiences with items are valuable too. You’re all the best. Love ya

With Bysmiel Medal half of Vitality is converted to Elemental.
Also Arcane Bomb has both Lightning and Aether RR.

And both Bysmiel’s and Diviner’s can solo Carry a build just fine.

I don’t see how Diviner’s is weak when it can even work on a single mastery build tbh: The Spoopy - Pet Necromancer
(That was before the buffs btw, it only got stronger now)

There are few skills in GD that actually work with shields so offensively only soldier and oathkeeper can extract decent damage from a shield. I think more wps should include shield attacks, and shields which naturally support non-soldier/OK combinatons should be more offensive and have item mod to reflect that.

Defensively shields are usually useful in MC but at end game it’s soldier and OK which are the only ones which can get good yield.

Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar’Adin seems to be right in place in this theorycrafted build

Mythical Codex of Lies:
100% disrupt res, nice bonuses + good proc, seems ok to me.

You can solo-class any of the pet sets. That doesn’t mean they are all equal.

Hey, if you can convince Zantai that Pets need more buffs, I am with you.

But if a set can allow a single class to do Crucible 2x under one round of blessings, do SR 75+ and kill Ravager, I fail to see how you can call it weak.

Also, have you done a Single mastery Necromancer with Lost Souls? I am curious to the results if you have.

Maybe we can just buff all shields with more stats and then nerf soldier shield skills so that soldier shield is basically the same and other classes with shield are better.

I wrote clearly for Codex of Lies that it was best in slot if you don’t include MI’s. It probably doesn’t need to be on the list but it’s more of a footnote I’m keeping to check later to see just how much it’s outcompeted by the MI. Probably just lifesteal AAR offhand is too good to pass up.

As for mythical wretched tome of Nar’Adin, How does that build perform?

Actually nevermind I think Codex of lies is fine. Removing from list

I have not tested Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar’Adin yet, but thematically it fits perfectly so think this particular off-hand is OK.

It’s already been done (except the part about improving shields). Shield Training and Overguard are bad now. Last time I took them was when I tried to revive Octavius. But putting these points anywhere else (Safeguard, Ascension, Consecration) actually improves tankiness. Shields became glorified off-hands that enable certain skills and devos. These stats are too expensive. Just like health regen.

So, back to the topic, improve shields, yeah, but there’s no need to re-balance anything. The culprits of warlord oupiedness have all been pacified.

I actually only added that nerf part in case warlord haters come in again. But yeah whatever does the best balance then good. But I agree that shields in general need a buff.