Shitty and bs drop rate

I have farmed krieg set using my 1st and 2nd char.

my 1st warder farmed for day and dozens runs netting 1 boot (iirc 10-20 runs then no terrnoxx), 6 shoulderguards, and like 5 masks. ive been running these runs like 2-3 whole levels about 92-near 95

my 2nd (deathknight for the krieg set) has been more ridiculous, lv 89-92 and 93-94 with ZERO krieg drop and bunch of tras legendaries.

dont know how this can happen. do i need to make 3rd char?

looks like my 1st bugged for chest and gloves and 2nd bugger for whole set.

very disappointing and please dont comment about math is possibility blablabla because i know them already, thus i make this post to show the math is super wrong

You need to freshen up the basics of probability

It’s just RNG dude

/math teacher 4lyf


Why do you play this game if you’re not happy about it?


These items are only few % chance per piece so it’s impossible not have long chains without them dropping at some point.
Thanks for confirming the math :sunglasses:

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RNG strikes back!

IMO the droprates for Krieg Set are just fine. It’s not that tedious to get. But that’s obviously subjective.

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On average no

I remember I did some calculations about 1y ago and IIRC it was around 5,5 hours to get 90% probability to have at least one of each piece.

And this calculation didn’t include transmutation I suppose.

No beacuse you can’t transmute Krieg set or anyother MI set :rofl:


Math is hard.


stupid response. The fact that a Crate Employee responded in such a way just shows there lack of empathy to player concerns/issues.

I have ran several Kilrian runs just to get the Shattered Soul, and after 50 solo runs, it never dropped. With a supposed 25%-45% drop rate, it not dropping after 50 solo runs is astronomical. This either shows that the math is flawed (meaning that math is actually hard for crate designers like Zantai) or the overall drop rate is misrepresented.

Either way, a “math is hard” comment shows how much a company cares.

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Ask the guy who made the drop “calculator” e.g. Dammit. Grim Tools is not an official Grim Dawn thing you know.

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Caring about players insisting that math they don’t understand is bugged, despite countless evidence to the contrary, is hard.

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Yadaa, yadaa…please get your maths straight.

Even with 50 % drop chance you could have 1.000 runs without a drop. That’s stochastic.

The exact numbers I leave to my swedish colleague @malawiglenn .


In diablo 2, I dropped two of the most rare items in the course about 20 min. On the contrary then, was the math flawed then too? xD

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Making a feedback thread that doesn’t sound like a childish tantrum is hard.

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Caring about Crate Employees insisting everything is hard, is hard.

Are you telling the truth or did you make this up to strengthen your argument because this is very unlucky.

I remember reading Diablo 3 forums and people constantly bitching about not rolling ancient or gem upgrade many, many times in a row. Chance for an ancient was 10% but you sometimes rolled 30 times without an ancient for example.


I am telling the truth. I tried with both instance loot on and off in LAN parties, and running solo. It never dropped.You can check the discord as I posted it there as well after running kilrian 25 times in a row.

Agreed. He didn’t run nothing 50 times or count nothing. The most likely scenario he ran it a handful of times, got salty, picked a nice large round number and thru that in the hat.