Short question: Definitions of Builds declared as meme, competitive, meta... bla


all these words are being used all the time, everyone seems to know what exactly they mean, except me.

I have a feeling for what they could mean, but also see large intersections in descriptions.

So, can someone define those terms? Or is that posted somewhere already?

my take on it is this

meta is what’s “in” currently,
be it types of builds or performance, as ex we have a slew of pierce builds using elemental conversion, or blade spirit builds, or a range of cruci runners doing repetitive fast cruci runs/builds that the time comparison has switched to the current quick standard

competitive is any/all builds that are capable of doing “whatever” the current meta stretches are
could ex be a build that can clear cruci 150-170 in sub 5minutes, tho now it’s probably closer to 4.30
or build that kills all celestials and does high sr,
“anything” that earns it a potential spot/points on the ETE sheet i suppose GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

meme is anything i do :sweat_smile: - meme is usually stupid, silly stuff, it might work, might work great, or barely work, or only work with GDstashed,
it’s stuff that’s “out there”, twillight zone type builds that seems like it shouldn’t work, heck maybe it’s weird it could even exist let alone not crumble to anything tougher than Krieg
like taking a skill that is known to already work, and then convert it, ex to a ridiculous dmg type, and then make a build out of it; et voila, Piercing dmg AAR


Let’s say you’re making a BH focused build and decide to build around this Chillblood’s Carcass
Of course it’s very suboptimal (see i.e. Soulrend) and you’re not making it for performance but… for the memes.
Sometimes a meme can turn out to be a well performing one and even be listed in GrimSheet.


Meme Dawn >>> Grim Dawn :sunglasses:

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Allrighty, so I got shit right then, good.

Now, your silly nook was mostly what I was looking for, when I asked for ‘missing builds’ back then.

I still cannot fathom, that no one understood what I was after…

But this I will continue there.

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