Show mutators in Crucible before starting the next set of waves

I’ve played Crucible quite a bit and still don’t know mutator icons. There is just no time to check them at waves 130+ because nemeses/heroes instantly pound after spawning.
The only thing I recognize relatively fast is health reduction one since it, well, reduces health.

Devs have mentioned that it’s not going to happen IIRC

I’ve listed out a solution on how to deal with this problem in my guide.

Basically, leave one thing alive at the beginning of the wave, take your time to read mutators.

there is a list of the mutator icons and what they do. Take a screenshot, pause game and study them

You can’t hover your mouse on them and pause the game to read it. You also can’t read what they do from just looking at their icons.

Honestly this is one thing I really do wish they could/should work on. It’s kind of important as far as the Crucible is concerned and I imagine it will be with the SR as well.

My thinking is that the start of new waves should be delayed while the mutators appear large on screen with their effects listed below. Perhaps a 5 second cycle between showing each mutator while having it skip to the next with a mouse click for those who just want to rush on in faster. Once all have had a turn to display then let the wave start.

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I think I know why Crate doesn’t want us to know what mutators are applied. Some people (those that only care about wins, never want to lose) would most likely restart if they’d get a bad mutator. As far as this is (kind of) not an issue, because you still gonna lose tributes, it still makes the game easier. So the lack of time to check mutators actually reduces the amount of those players by a lot. I would say that they want to change that, they surely want more people to play Crucible, but allowing players to see mutators while not being punished for that (attacked by monsters) would actually increase the amount of “viable” builds conquering the Crucible because, as I mentioned before, they’d restart the game if mutators would not favor them. There’s also the other way, which is that people don’t want to play Crucible because they’re unlucky by getting only bad mutators, which goes back to the previous issue where people restart the session because mutators don’t favor them. It’s an endless loop which cannot be stopped easily.

The gamepedia has a list of the mutator icons and what they do, but perhaps it is not up to date?

Some people, for example me, need at least 15 seconds to swap between tabs. My Pc is not a gaming PC, it may shut down (crash) after too much stuff is opened. Wasting 15 seconds to switch tabs, another 10 - 30 seconds to open browser, another huge set of seconds to open the appropriate website. About 2 minutes wasted to only look at one mutator and also a risk of crashing the whole PC. Not everyone has money to get a 500 FPS gaming PC for 10k dollars. Now, there are people who even need more than me to just open a tab, I had a friend that had a strong PC to hold much stuff, but it was very slow, needing 5 minutes to just open another tab in an already opened browser. So I don’t think opening a website to just check something (and needing over 2 minutes for that) is a good idea.

Well its not my problem that you are poor?

I have exported that portion of the page to a document which I open before I even start GD and crucible. That helps loading times significantly. Also one should play windowed mode if one is having trouble tabbing.

I just think you want to argue for the sake of arguing. This method works for me and I just wanted to share it.

Another solution is to use PRINTER. “Oh but not everyone can afford to buy a printer for 50k dollars” - you can go to your local photo store and have it printed (and laminated in plastic) for 2-3 dollars. “Oh but not everyone have a photo store nearby” - there are online photo stores.

Stop acting dumb. You think I am the only person in the entire world that can’t afford stuff, while the majority of people simply can’t afford buying good stuff because of real life. You’re showing that you’re not a grown up person by that. I’ve never said I am poor, I just happen to live in a country where we waste 90% of our monthly payment for life, and some people can’t even have any money for themselves.

You posted a solution, I posted why it can’t be a solution for everyone and you got butthurt, therefore I don’t think I am the one that “argues for the sake of arguing”.

Woah woah woah guys. Take it ez, killers. :stuck_out_tongue:

The suggestion being made here IS reasonable. I’m all for it.

But crate has already expressed their unwillingness to do so, and this is the product that we are offered, and have purchased.

So I think it’s pointless barking up this tree, regardless of how valid or logical it may be to do so.

EDIT: I’ve already provided the easiest workaround the problem. It’s not ideal, but seriously. Just leave an atherial imp alive.

This is forum about a computer game. I think it is a fair assumption that people have good enough PCs to run an old basic game as Grim Dawn without any issues.

Now what I did in my last post was to offer a way how to work around the “tabbing” issue.

I guess usage of grimtools, maphack and so on is not a “good idea” either since there are people out there with crappy computers?

Dude. Fluff doesn’t and he’s arguably one of the ‘biggest’ players around.

Ditto for x1x1x1x2 and me.

So you are all playing Crucible in like 20 fps? xD

Video of x1x1x1x2’s most recent submission:

EDIT: Admittedly, the recording software is running, so the problem is a lot more pronounced in the video. But I think many players here (not most) don’t have good PCs.

Yes, and both recording and playing is high taxing on the CPU. How can you guys enjoy crucible this much with such low framerate? I mean, to me, it seems that the purpose of this game for you guys is to make good gladiators. So its more of a theoretical game for you or? Not being judgmental or anything, just curious how you approach the game with a sub-par PC

Yes. Exactly that. I can’t speak for the rest of the theorycrafters, but I do suspect they enjoy coming up with a concept, and then testing to see if it works. It’s not coincidental that many of the top players here come from the sciences.

E.g. Veretragna was doing a PhD at one stage, ptir is basically a mad russian physicist, they_live and I are both trained in philosophy, and I’m currently in med school.

EDIT: Perhaps ‘top players’ is not the best description for them. They may not be the best pilots - I wouldn’t know. But certainly the more renowned players.

I also enjoy theorycrafting, but in the end of the day - I just wanna kill monsters, relax and have a good time with the game - so smooth gameplay is my priority.

I have a PhD in theoretical particle physics myself, from Uppsala in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue: been 3.5 years since I presented my thesis.

Apart from people having high- or low-end PCs, which shouldn’t matter for game development

I really can’t imagine crate not adding this feature because players might reroll their game or feel too intimidated to play
I’m also clutching at straws for their reasoning behind it
A reason could be that they consider the crucible to be a finished product and for that reason not lucrative enough for new features
It may also be that they think they have to make choices on what they will and won’t fix
Fortunately, for the first argument we can say that mutators are getting a new life because they are being added to challenge areas and SR
Personally, I would urge them to find a way to make mutators clearer, indeed perhaps showing them prior to entering a zone
We can of course print a list of them, but that is merely a workaround for a feature that can and imo should be available


Dude. More power to you my friend. I suppose the point being is that people enjoy different aspects of GD.

Some just want to blow shit up and roflstomp (I know of a player that only plays veteran for this reason). Others like me only care about the mechanics of GD.

It’s a spectrum really, my friend. :slight_smile:

EDIT: @strukto: Mate, IIRC zantai said somewhere that it’d be a lot of work to change the coding or something. Essentially, the improvement in QoL is too little to justify the effort needed.