Sign postage decoration for naming areas / street signs

Was playing the game and came up with names for parts of my town/city and a name for an outer village. Was thinking how cool it’d be to have a decoration like a street sign where the player can name the location it’d take people to. Also, a sign that is an opener to a major park, for instance, my park in the center of my residential area is called “Ford’s Square”. Would be nice having that set in stone in game with an in game sign rather than just me mentally remembering every name.

This also could have a gameplay mechanic brought into it. For instance, some one brought up transportation and managing that better, maybe with wagons you can use the signs as a waypoint for them to know where you’d want them to take supplies specifically. Like in my case I can have a wagon bring supplies to an outer settlement on the big map that is a mining town. By using the signs to set a route for them to follow.

Also, like a founders mechanic where naming a park after a settling villager who died can add more desirability. Maybe also providing more not faith (or yes faith), but happiness to character entrenching them to your village. Mainly just want to make a history for my town and outer villages.


Would love this. Naming streets was something I wanted early on, since you could name your own versions of a Market St etc.


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