Silverbolt and flat damage to Chthonics

I have always wondering what the flat damage to Chthonics is and what it scales with
Mythical Silverbolt
Can some professor of Grim Dawn Mechanics enlighten me?
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I can only assume it’s physical. That was the case in Titan Quest, where “damage” meant “physical damage” and this scaled with physical only.

what if its 1/9 of each direct damage type?
fire, cold, lightning, acid, pierce, vitality, aether, chaos, physical?

And ask only now :smile:

Flat Racial damage is direct damage to health. No any damage types or resistance, only “Reduced Damage from Monster Types”.

35 flat damage is impressive then, needs a nerf xD

Reason why I asked was because I was interested in a 2H pierce build using silvercore bolts and stuff for a themed Chtonics hunter build. Then I remembered I have no idea what this flat racial damage is :stuck_out_tongue:

75+45%≈109 for 100%WD in this case

still insanely low compared to a +2M health mob

I think multiplicative percent racial damage is main feature of Silverbolt

yeah yeah of course, I was just curious what the flat racial damage is and how it works :slight_smile:

If it’s like TQ, it’s Physical.

Such has been my assumption. It’s not very strong regardless.

I assume it’s flat damage for all damage types.

Given that it indeed looks like a stat artifact from TQ, it is likely physical.

It’s not. If it’s like TQ, then like I said - physical.

Other possibilities are percent increase (same as RR, we have -%, % and flat) or true damage, which is never reduced or increased. I doubt this is the case, though. 40 damage that doesn’t scale at all is worthless, even Crate would know that and would not do that - you don’t even have to test this value to know it sucks. If it was like flat RR, then that weapon gives 70% increased damage to Chthonians, 120 with the passive (and assuming it’s additive). Basically, the values (when calculated as percentage or damage that doesn’t scale at all) are out of GD standards.

Off topic but hoping for help. My m. silverbolt shows 200to240 phs. dam. but in the 2nd tab to the right of character window phys. dam. shows 0. Have noticed this on other weapons also. Answers greatly appreciated.

SIlverbolt has 100% armor piercing, so all that phys becomes pierce damage.

Thanks finally found some other info on that also.