Silvercore Bolts' Silver Spread could use some changes

I didn’t see any recent topic about this so I thought I’d make one.
The skill this component grants doesn’t seem to have any good use, because even at the point you can equip it (lv. 27) the skill is barely able to kill one normal monster per cast.

Its lack of pass-through and travel distance hampers its performance even though its stats don’t seem too bad on paper.
I thought it should travel at least as far as Phantasmal Blades, and it probably needs something else on top of that to give the player a reason to cast it over simply using a normal attack—the latter likely either breaks even or even is a DPS improvement.

The component itself is in a kind of quirky spot since it’s a low level item but it is quite expensive to craft so its role in the power tiers is ambiguous, but right now the skill itself just seems to have no reason to exist even against Chthonians, since its main competitors, Seal of Blades and Vicious Spikes outperform it.

Any opinions about it? Or people who have used this successfully in a build could add their counterpoint.

I like it very much:

  • has good stats
  • Silver Spread is amazing proccer for some skills
  • and seems to have really good damage - 450% WD and 1000 PD + the racial multiplier

In this build Link I use it to proc Rumor with basically 100% chance (it’s 98% IIRC) because every single projectile has 52% proc chance, IIRC. All other skills I found too random / inconsistent proccers except Beronath’s Fury which I needed to proc Twin Fangs like a machine gun.


Using it as a proc trigger is a good point.
Doesn’t the limited reach bother you though?

This character has Aura of Censure / Veil of Shadow with 6.2 meters radius which is probably shorter than Silvercore’s range. In Crucible I only shoot some leftover trash at longer distances. So I don’t think it matters to me much but I’d rather have the range increased - I never actually thought or saw the range before but it looks weird when they disappear just like that not that far from the character.

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