Skelemental - Chaos / elemental-ish cabalist SR100, 1:45 Ravager, 4:09 minute Crucible 150-170, ~3000000 single dummy DPS

Yea ma boi I gotcha, thanks for the shootout. :smiley:


@FlamingX21 thanks again for the support. 140 next. Moosie, Alex, Valdaran, Zannie in this run… we earned it. :slight_smile:

Messing around in 135 again today… almost 10 mil DPS with @FlamingX21 's support toon again.


& that special shar’zul blue creature where we got rekt by it the most tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Woohoo, rolled over the odometer… Chasing that DPS magic number. A couple replies above I’ve been keeping an active count of DPS bests… was going to stop once I hit 6 million, but I’m close enough to 7 that I think maybe it’d be doable. Anyway, 6.7+ million solo DPS bump. :smiley:

*edit, I’ll add, toon’s exact current layout, as in DPS screenies above

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10 million DPS solo in SR95 bump. :slight_smile:


Archiving here for the fastest cleaner thread.

~8 second Lokarr

Almost 3 million DPS against single dummy


Beat SR100, was always the goal… I didn’t try too often because this build is glassy as they come, but felt like giving it a go. First try, got some good rolls in chunk 4 (Zantarin, Valdaran x2, Theo)

Valdaran didn’t know what hit him.

Theo’s aether was tough on the pets, but after a few deaths, bad jumps into the aether fire, I got him. Box checked, beat SR100 with this build. :slight_smile:

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A Steam buddy that used to play GD had a nifty bleedy build that could finish SR75 with 15+ minutes on the clock… was a pretty cool site to see, watching him melt the hordes. :slight_smile: I’m chasing that. I’m a little glassy to take on the hordes that large, that fast… but, I can do it, and I’m getting the hang of it. Nothing special here, just a pretty good run with 13:20+ on the clock at the end… getting there. And as I said in the OP, even though this toon can beat as high as SR100, it is glassy enough that SR75 is still an adventure. :smiley:

Chunks 1-4

The difference between this run (a decent 13 minute plus clock) and restarting to try again is pretty thin with this toon… :smiley:

*edit - Playing with @desioner and playing with his bleedy monster build I mentioned above combined with a bunch of my angry skeletons, MP:


I would have a quick skeleton question (never tried them out myself so far):
Since you can have up to 13 or so of them:
Wouldn´t it be highly effective to bind a low CD devotion to them? Like Flame Torrent or Aetherfire?
Cause I´ve never seen such an approach so far. Is there a downside?

You can have more than 13…! :smiley: And yes, that does work. In most of the videos above I have flame torrent on the skeletons: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

That’s the build doing all the big numbers above, flame torrent is very likely a significant part of the damage output.


hmm less active buttons than sigatrev i will try this :grinning:

This isn’t a “busy” build per se, but it isn’t lazy either. If you like offense, this is a good build for you. It isn’t perfectly balanced, but it manages to hit hard enough that it covers up for some of its deficiencies.

Did Desonier ever post his ‘bleedy monster build’? My curiosity is piqued what with bleeds seeming to be outside of the norm for pets, and, in fact, my googling only brings real old builds. Desonier seems to have remained coy about posting it whether on Reddit or here per my stalking.

His wasn’t a pet build… blademaster, I believe. He’s never shared the full details of that build with me.

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There was some back and forth between him and Maya who also wanted details on the pet bleed build. He did mention reaching some pretty deep solo SR with it on Reddit.

Welp, doesn’t matter, I’ve made a dozen characters by now and never stick to them to the end :smiley:

Just for funsies I took this toon out of SR to play some main game content, just to see how it’d go. :slight_smile: I’m a bully. :confused:




Mad Queen


Korvaak spent more time doing his phase-change animations than actually fighting :smile:

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That -was- bullying, you’re a bully.

Reminded me of Diablo 3 and me fighting a cosmic demi god by throwing jars filled with spiders at it.

I read somewhere that Imp is one of the highest damage devotions because it has no cooldown and it stacks. But I seldom see it used especially in places with myriad pets who seemingly would each proc it.


Imp would be good on aether or aether / elemental / fire for sure. I’ve been playing around with Eye of the Guardian and different conversions, it works well. A lot of those lower tiered devos have quick cool down and can be bound to pets…

Probably because of @MysteryMeat 's ATV build.