⭐ The fastest cleaners in the World

should read “sec”

The dummy “6.3” sec kill is actually 8 sec on the video.

The Lokarr kill is not 6.4 because the start of the video is cut, it starts with Ele Storm, Rumor and Mines already proced which is at least +1 sec on top.

DW Chaos Witchblade

MadQ - 3s

Lokarr - 5s

Dummy - 6s

Mogdrogen - 1m12s

Ravager - 50s

Ravager grimtools


cool records

Updated (new WR in 2 lists)

The first two runs are listed with in game timers. In game timer of Morgo run listed 3rd is 3:28, not 3:38. Real times of pierce runs are 3:41 and 3:38 respectively.

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New Crate record Pyran glass Crate world record - YouTube


Hp regen nerf when?

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Tied for fastest build this patch


2.7 sec dummy kill (smth like that). Dummies are pushed together with Voracious Reach to trigger 7x dmg to each dummy on each Primal Strike passthrough shot.

Also throw this one here:

The build was nerfed multiple times since the recordings but let’s let it take its place in history.


Can I add this guy to the list? 1:17 Ravager killing conjurer?

*edit - 1:12 is current best Ravager kill with that toon.

I also have some ~8 second Lokarr kills with my skelly cabalist I suppose I could upload.

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Please do :slight_smile:

Just added. :slight_smile:

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We’ve beaten Crucible record during 9.7 testing (build has made it to live server without changes).

As usual, a note: the build was made specifically for Crucible speedrunning, is not balanced to play anywhere else, requires fantasy gear with best rolls, ideal piloting and ideal conditions to reach the recorded timer. It’s not OP and overall is weaker than top20 builds by a good margin.


Another gimmick designed for a world record, now from @mad_lee.

Again, the build is made for specific fight and is not functional even in main campaign (no resists, no health, no leech). The realistic and well-rounded version of it has half of this dmg and is not overperforming in any metric.

edit: apparently @AlkamosHater reached 23 sec with magical phys retal Witchblade in but i missed it, my bad
edit2: glassified it even more and now it’s an all time record


what’s the fastest Mog kill, I wonder
or just no one kkep the track of this joke of a boss anymore

not sure if thread is kept updated but new lokarr record (edited with new video for a fairer fight, 5.4sec)

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legit no clue what the rules are, or if i’m being nitpicky, but seems to me it’s more than 5.1secs ? :thinking:
since he’s already lost hp and debuffed etc at 0.00 secs ?

Mad Queen 2.5sec