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Let’s delete inquisitor already :stuck_out_tongue:

He didn’t take DG. Nothing to look at.

How’s Sentinel of the Three and Stoneguard now?


With setup like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d0elA2 I had 5:27 fastest 150-170 run and ~5:40 average, Ravager 33 seconds so damage is still good. Sentinel set even with lost conversion from Targo helmet is still faster than going typical physical retal.
It’s in pretty balanced spot imo, my tests were with top stashed rolls and greens, more average build should be over 6min but a lot depends of piloting too. About celestials - it’s how fevered rage works with retal so it will always be fastest boss killer but it’s more like a fun trick than something to measure full build performance.

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5:30 is still impressive for this kind of a build!

Have you tried it on Sentinel or Warlord?

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I didn’t try with another class but I tryied witchblade with classic physical setup like rare shield overlord+thorns, totally normal shield etc and I just quitted with alt+f4 after seeing ++3min on 160 wave so I am sure Sentinel set with only soldier 60% conversion belt is going to be faster on every archetype.

I see, thanks for the info.

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Small update
New rule: Crucible is measured by buff timer

I suggest you make a rule out of using the in game clock instead of GI, first because its not a 3rd party tool, second because you cant determine a buff timer on a naked run.

:upside_down_face: Retal witchblade done 3:55 in 160-170, not 150-170

update, new crucible runs

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Didn’t know you added RoH Infiltrator run. Real timer is 4:02 on it. Here is gt link.
Also here is max dmg aether AAR in this patch, 4:06:

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0 offenses to banana, we already discussed this aspect, but the buff timer criteria is irelevant. There are several differences on several runs, nothing is constant.
Also here’s 3.58 real time, and wanna be 3.53 bufftime.

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“Buff timer”, but in reality ingame timer, is smth i personally use to compare results of the builds i run. It’s pretty obvious that ingame timer removes some randomness caused by different impact on the engine between different builds and partly - slow rig factor.

For me buff timer is the only relevant timer for a build guide because it shows the farm rate of the build relative to the time of Crucible buffs. But i’m not forcing it on anyone, never did.

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I can agree with that, but the fact that it shows this big difference even between different runs on the same rig/spec makes it null. Its just my opinion on it. I mean i had runs with 15 seconds, 7, 5 and 0 seconds difference.


New minimum time: 4:10

Now only 6 categories

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Sumthin spicy

You can also update the Dummy record list. As was rightfully pointed out but John in another thread, that time in the video is not 6.3, rather it’s 7+ sec. The list must be clean to have any weight to it.

Hello ! I’ve got a 6.4sec at Lokarr with a cold stun jacks []


An excellent record! Kill Dummy too