Skill availability of damage types

I will list of all available spells that are not coming from gears and devotions. Because gears are heavily rng dependent which means you may never see that spell in your life and because since devotions are proc based, you can not cast it anytime you want. I consider other spells as additions or modifiers because of the reasons above. Game designers probably wanted game to have lots spells and variety but they knew that it was hard to press many buttons in combat thus they came with a solution that we know “procs”. Probably, discussion will head to this paragraph but still it is important for me to tell this before i will list. Including will be done if it is main or close to being owner of at least %40 percent of sum of all damage of the spell..

Correct me if i miss something or write wrong.

Cold/Frostburn:Trozan sky shard, SS, ring of steel maybe ( probably this should not be on list). That is it. OFF is off the list because of two reasons; one of which is it does not work on bosses and secondly it is not a damage spell but rather a debuff/cc spell.
Acid/Poison: Just dee. Small support from nightblade.
Aether: Callidor tempest, devastation,aether ray. I could list all chaos spells here since you can achieve almost %90 conversion with items but it is rng:rolleyes:
Lightning/Electrocute:Storm totem, wind devil,savagery , primal strike, stun jack and grenado… You can list more physical spells or cold spells if you have items
Fire/Burn: Blackwater cocktail, thermite mines, mortar trap, fire strike, callidor tempest,canister bomb and devastation. You can list more physical spells if you have items
Vitality/Decay:SOC, doom bolt, pox, devouring swarm,storm totem and maybe wendigo totem. And a little support from nightblade skills.
Chaos: Doom Bolt, aether ray and maybe SOC. If you have blood orb of cthon, you can list almost all fire,cold and lightning spell here. You can list more physical spells if you have items too. Actually i am ok with chaos support in the game because lots of items and modifiers support this damage type(Demo and arcanist). It is also easier to obtain chaos items than other conversions and direct supports. Nice support
Bleeding: Devouring swarm, grasping vines, maybe blade spirit, maybe pox, maybe upheaval, maybe blade arc. Tons of support.
Pierce:Blade spirit,ring of steel,grenado,canister bomb maybe shadow strike and some support.
Physical/Internal Trauma: Cadence,Forcewave,Blitz, Mortar Trap, Grenado, Stun jacks. And many weapon damage spells could be added to list since many weapons have physical damage as base. So lots of support. With the new item that converts elemental to physical, tons of spells could be written here.

So i see an imbalance(not talking about whole-game) here. While fire is running the show, acid/ poison is crying in the corner. I understand that some damage types are not meant to be main damage types of character to collect but still my point is clear.

What do you guys think?

So OFF doesn’t count but Blade Trap does? :rolleyes:

You can make it work on many bosses with devotions and blood pact.

Surely phantasmal blades belongs SOMEWHERE on that list.

SS can be a strong Poison applier with NJE. Pox has been done focusing on Poison in Black Death. Necromancer will also bring us Ravenous Earth and Blight Fiend.

You tell me.

cough, cough

With frenetic throw I’d call it a vitality damage ability. It’ll deal more of it than Sigil of Consumption, in my experience (with witch hunter). Without frenetic throw I’d say it’s a bleed or pierce ability, for use with trickster or blademaster. PB will do more than enough of those three damage types if you build into them specifically.

It’ll just suck because it’s depleting your mana as fast as Aether Ray without doing near as much damage.

Also, perhaps you should just make a “weapon damage” section for your list. It’s the reason PB and shadow strike are so flexible. With cold conversion weapon on a spell breaker, PB might do more than 40% of its damage as cold, if you focus PB and Nether Edge and only put 1 in heart seeker. (But I don’t think anybody would actually do this)


Blade Trap does not work on bosses. Like OFF, anything that is immune to being trapped does not suffer from any of Blade Trap’s effects.

Linking from other posts? Someone is getting mad. Drifter much ?

Not sure why you are getting mad, other than showing you are very inconsistent.

The quotes from the other post are relevant here.

You’re defining your terms in an oddly narrow way to support your point. Star Pact, Elemental Awakening, and Blade Burst all do good Cold damage; I’m guessing you omitted the first two since they aren’t active abilities but I’m not sure why that matters (and it doesn’t account for Blade Burst not being on the list). Also regardless of OFF’s ostensible purpose it does a lot of damage over wide area.

Fixed it. thx

It is all that matters lol. Star pact is a almost passive skill and you do not cast it or use on enemies. Just a booster. Without other skills, it does not make any sense or it does not have any use..

Active spells are the main source of enjoyment and challenges of any arpg in my opinion. It is impossible to put them in the same place with proc based skills. You do not have control, you do not cast, you do not know. If active spells are good, then proc spells can kiss my a*s. It is not vice-versa of course. Otherwise you wait for rng to do its job. As i said, discussion will head this way :wink:

The list isn’t very complete if you don’t consider %weapon damage in abilities. I feel like you’re excluding it just because it’s simple to do so. Weapon damage can be anything and everything and whether or not it’s the main damage of the skill depends on the weapons.

With Nightshade’s Reach and lots of poison gear/full build, I’m pretty sure blitz becomes an ability that deals mostly acid, for example.

Also, many devotion skills aren’t about RNG and do have active agency, like vile eruption. I played for a bit with that attached to chaos strike, and I was very deliberately casting and placing it, also deliberately not casting it vs reflect mobs, and it had a big colorful effect, it’s hard to consider that anything but an active ability. :undecided:

Do you think it will be balance if we had, for instance 5 active fire damage, 5 active poison damage, 5 active cold damage, etc.?

So after that you have to question about, why we have convertion like fire to aether an not fire to cold or whatever?

Why we have a guaranteed phisical-poison sword, through quest, and not other damage type?

Why is more easy to get lightning retalation than, lets say chaos?

I think you can’t talk about balance if you are only watching a part of the game.
If the game was just the skills you list, then yes, you are right, but isn’t the case.

Please note that Im not saying the game is balanced. Im saying you can’t talk about balance if you dont look the whole game. If you analyze the balance by viewing only part of the game, your conclusions will also be partial.

Castable on demand skills are everything. Rest is just addition. It is not fun to wait to skill get procced while i could be able to cast in rite moment?

I think that what matters is playstyles, not damage types. Damage types are simply artifical limitations that form synergies between certain skills.

Let’s say you’re right and there’s a place for another acid skill. What matters to me is how this acid skill will work and how it will synergize with other skills. If it doesn’t bring anything new to the table I could care less if there’s 1 acid skill and 7 fire skills.

Also I like it how you consider thermite mines and mortar trap equal to BWC and fire strike. In that case it makes sense to add CoF and Blood of Dreeg to acid skills list. Also Mark of Dreeg.

Mortar trap has quite nice damage and you can direct with pet attack. For thermite mines, you cast it whenever and wherever(with practice) you want. Even damage is not much, you have control and still it has some damage. Cof and BD belongs to support category. Just because it boosts some damages it does not mean it “damages”. Without the active castable skills i wrote there, BD and COF means nothing.

The main imbalance, that game has too many damage types and you should stack 1200-2000% increased damage to make given damage type relevant.

Another problem is that although there IS damage conversion, often you cant convert 100% of one damage type into another (aside from few exceptions). For example, let’s say i want make a 2-h vitality-based melee conjurer, using Wildblood set. Too bad that i can only convert 46% of my weapon’s physical damage into vitality…

Acid is indeed poorly supported by skills, but Poison isnt. There are tons of items and constellations with poison procs, that can deal heavy poison damage, and you can increase its duration by 5-6 times, so even 2-second poison will last 10 second (so enemy will just meltdown, and high damage done by occsional crit will be preserved).
Internal Trauma, although present on many skills, cant get good duration boost from items to became truly powerful DoT…