Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

I have a non-minmax version of this build and got a sub-20 second Lokarr w/ no tonics, just to give some perspective.

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Also, Maya, I was able to level a Cabalist in HC to 100 while skipping Elite entirely using Skeletons and Hellhound. I basically just used anything and everything that gave Physical Resistance to pets that dropped. I feel like as long as people prioritize Pet Phys’ Res’ while leveling pets feel pretty good to level as and can even skip Elite if they know what affixes to pick up gear-wise.

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Nice :+1:

Yeah, pet phys res seems to play a more prominent role than ever these days :sweat_smile:

Sweet build as always birb,think you can post a save of this?:smiley:

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Sent a message with the save


Hi !
Your end content pet builds are always mind-boggling. :grinning:

I have a question, many of your builds have 50%-80% over-resistance, what is the reason why you are still doing this in the current state of the 1.2 patch?

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Lightning Resistance overcap is for Mogdrogen since he still reduces your resistance by 80%.

The others are mostly just leftover from previous patch that I didn’t really min-max :sweat_smile:

@Maya Thanks reply! :smile:

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Hey, Maya, how are you? I have been following the budget dark one guide that you have here and saw this build… I want to maybe get my conjurer to where your fluffy squishy is in the future, but also want to try this build after that

I was wondering if you could provide a leveling section for this build just like you had one for the conjurer, just with devotions and what skills to prioritize while leveling

I know that this build might need a lot more items to get online, but I really want to try it and I am still new to the game so I don’t have a lot of knowledge of leveling

Ty so much! I love playing pets and your guides are great

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Regarding the build, I don’t really have a leveling guide for my cabalist (or even ritualist in 1.2) per se…
Reason being that I haven’t been able to make a budget/beginner build for the classes to my satisfaction.

But, you should be able to use the Occultist or Necro leveling from here to get the char to level 100 - Dropbox - The Carnival - Pet Guide.pdf - Simplify your life

Thank you for the update Maya, you are the best :heart:

Is that the optimal Devotion setup? Have you played with Nature’s Guardians agro and more importantly Revenant?

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Ishtak is more suited for defensive playstyle and with skeletons, that is not really a good option (since your pets are fragile). The build used to have a Tree + Ishtak devotion route originally, but with 1.2 it just ended up being weaker without any real benefit.

Regarding Revenant, the pets spawned from it are player scaled and rather useless here even for the resistance reduction they offer, due to their low leash range forcing you to get too close to the action.

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