Slight change to Korvaak's Brand and Direwolf Crest

I’d like to see some pet stats get added to Korvaak’s Brand and/or Direwolf Crest to promote DW’ing on pet builds some more. Doesn’t have to be huge - just something nifty like % damage and some other stat like attack speed, pet resistance, pet OA/DA etc.

Korvaak is already associated quite a bit with pets - his constellation’s nodes buffs them. The Burning-Blade and Chosen Visage do as well, he even summons followers for his fight so the Brand getting pet support seems fitting.

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Pet DW is the only DW build that I haven’t played. :smile:

No problems with adding pet support but do you think pet DW will be good?

It adds variety, would be nice to some weird ideas like DW Salazar’s Blade happen for instance and this helps with that just a bit more.