Small korba idea

since korba bp dropped on my reset saves i theorycrafted a bit and a seemingly obvious idea came to mind: would be nice if korba axes were classified as 2-handed weapon (like spellscourge shield is classified as off-hand) so they can make use of brute force and feral hunger.

It isn’t. It won’t work for other off-hand requirements like channelling Albrecht’s Aether Ray.

As to your main suggestion, that would be a huge damage buff that the set wasn’t made or balanced with in mind. Last I checked, Fluff posted a Korba Crucible build that is in an ok spot. I don’t think it needs any more help.

right, forgot how spellscourge just works for devastation. this idea wasn’t about endgame viability though, really just something i thought would be cool. thx for the link nonetheless i’ll take a look.

It would be a neat idea for sure if more requirement breaking items were added in, but I do think they shouldn’t be completely broken or overpowered either.

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Stormrend axe?

edit: oh man, that took me too long. the question was if stormrend could be classified as 2-handed or if that would be op?

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