Smoking - I Quit, It Sucks

Howdy! How’s every little thing around here? I’ve been mostly gone for about 3 months, because back around the beginning of March I got sick AF. I coughed for about 10 days straight, to the degree that even the Codeine-laced cough syrup plus tessalon pearls STILL wouldn’t stop the coughing. So, for about 3-4 weeks at the end of winter, I literally couldn’t smoke.

Before that, I had been thinking about/wanting to quit anyway. Why didn’t I? Well, for the most part I still really enjoy smoking. It’s hard to quit doing something you like. I smoked a pipe, after quitting cigarettes some 7 years ago. With the cigarettes, I honestly was sick of smoking them. I’d still have one from time to time, especially with a beer. For completely unrelated reasons, I’ve quit drinking now too - mostly because every time I drank more than 8 ounces of beer, I immediately got a hangover.

So anyway, I was thinking about quitting and then got sick for weeks and weeks. At the beginning of April, I was sent to see a specialist and they did a biopsy of an ulcer on one of my tonsils. The doctor who did the biopsy was pretty sure it was cancer. Turns out he was wrong, but that’s scary enough to hear.

So yeah, I quit. It sucks. I miss it, and I have a hard time concentrating on pretty much anything. But only while I’m at work! I don’t even think about it otherwise. Between the lying around for a month while I was sick and the quitting of the stimulant, I’ve also put on a bunch of weight and now my pants don’t fit. I’m a slender guy, but suddenly I’ve got this belly hanging over my belt. None of this makes me happy, but Doctor Girlfriend still finds me sexy and is glad I quit.

Oh well.

Here we are. How’s it going? How are your moms? What’s the new news?

It can be hard, but hopefully your health will benefit (once you lose that extra weight. Doctor Girlfriend can help with some exercises for that I’m sure ;)). My dad smoked, but stopped when he had his first heart attack. Cold turkey, never touched one again. Wasn’t a heavy smoker, but doctor said stop so he did.

New news is this:

and all the subsequent GMs. :smiley:

Thanks Medea!

Doctor Girlfriend is a psychologist. So, not so much with the exercise, lollz.

The extra weight just puts me from the slim side of average to middle average. I think I just cracked like 165 lbs/75 kg/near 12 stone for the first time - I’m 5’10"/178 cm. I also have a desk job now, whereas I used to work on my feet all day.

Literally - I just don’t want to have to buy new pants. That’s it.

Well, I’m sure you/she can think of something to do - in bed - that would help. :wink: Change of jobs doesn’t, but try little tricks like parking as far from the entrance to your workplace as possible so you have to walk further, or if you get a bus then get off one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way, use the stairs not the lift, go for a walk during your lunch break, etc.

Can count yourself lucky - I passed 12 stone some years ago (closing in on 15!) and I’m 6 inches shorter than you. :eek: Really need to take my own advice and walk more, do more exercise.

I have never smoked. But I read this book just for curious.
Chapter 21 is the best.

I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

Congratz! I would assume you can appreciate cheese even more now.

i did quit in october 2012, never smoked a cigarette since then.

If i made it you can make it too.

No es posible!

In all seriousness, I was never a heavy smoker - Smoked the pipe 3-5 times a day at work, that’s it. So it’s not like my sense of smell and taste have been destroyed by years of 2/packs of cowboy killers a day.

Wow! Better willpower than me. I still bum a couple a week while I’m at work. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Both of you!

Must have quitted smoking around a dozen times, but still sucking a stinkie.
E-faqs a great for alternative, too bad for shitty EU-legislation ruinin yet another good thing.

I’ve been smoking since I was 15, now I’m 30… I’ve tried so many times but my record without it is only 14 days, last year.

I really don’t know how to do it for now… but once in a while I try

Lots of different things to try Ana: nicotine patches, e-cigs, hypnosis, etc. Different things work for different people.

I would recommend a 2-pronged approach. This is based on Doctor Girlfriend’s experience and empirically supported research.

Patches, lozenges, or gum - for the physical cravings. The actual addictive properties of Nicotine wear off in a couple of days. The cravings though…

Some kind of emotional support/therapy/counseling that you can check in with regularly. Phone counseling, support groups, and/or a particular kind of counseling called “Motivational Interviewing” all have good clinical outcomes.

I’ve been smoking since I was 16 and now I’m 34…

I haven’t managed to completely quit, but I have switched to an e-cig over 2 years ago(which my Dr says is easily 10x healthier)

I recommend this one:

The Vuse Solo.

It’s made by R.J. Reynolds, one of the biggest cigarette companies in the world. So you know it’s well regulated and “safe” etc.

It’s cheap, I believe the starter kit with the rechargeable stem, usb charger, and one cartridge is less than $12.

Each cartridge is equivalent to about 3/4 a pack of cigs. You get 2 cartridges in a pack for approx $8. (so it’s cheaper than real cigs)

The cartridges come in a variety of flavors:

I believe there is: original, menthol, chai, creme, mint, berry, melon, and nectar. (berry and melon being my personal favs)

Also, since it’s the same basic shape/size as a cig, you can still do the usual hand-gestures unlike with those hipster vape contraptions. (being able to hold and maneuver it like a real cigarette was super important to me)

I know it’s not the ideal solution, but it’s healthier than the real thing.

Quiting is a bitch, trust me I know… GOOD LUCK!

Oh you have a thread on smoking here, and its one week old already.

I have a similar story of smoking for ~20 years since 15, then trying to quit for the last 6-7 years which on its own has developed a problem. Since I know how easy it is to quit it is also easy for me to start again. Main triggers for me had beed alchohol and relatives/coworkers smoking. I can write a step by step guide here btw if needed, ask me how.

In 14 days you’ll get rid of physyological addiction symptoms, but not psychological. Main problem after physio is gone is indeed increased anxiety, and cravings that will return every now and then. Higher anxiety is actually normal except you have to learn once again how to live with that. Any kind of therapy is supposed to deal with this problem and I would also advise to always keep any pharmaceutical nicotine replacers you have used to quit at hand. If you get these cravings - use pharmaceuticals once again and relax.

Wait for at least 2 months. Its not like these symptoms will go away after reaching this magical number, you will rather realize that, when smoking, you are really only enjoying life for ~5 minutes while holding cigarrete and shortly after. While you can actually do it all the time.

You people here like theorycrafting, here is some basic theory on nicotine addiction mechanism

Its mostly general info with links to others articles, many of which are also free, so good for self-education.

Thanks sir!

Is it really healthier, going from smoking substances that have been researched for years compared to smoking new substances?

And back in the 50’s Doctors used to RECOMMEND smoking cigarettes as a healthy part of your lifestyle and a good way to relax.

Doctors get paid to recommend “new” treatments because the company making it pays them to do so, not because it’s actually the best thing to do.

Edit… What companies have paid for and published the research that claims vaping is healthier and what companies have discredited the reports that vaping is actually more harmful that cigs due to the chemicals in vaping. The same question can be asked about what companies claim that it’s worse than cigs and discredit the reports saying it’s safer.

The smoking industry is a massive multi-million / billion industry that doesn’t give a damn about the health of anyone as long as it sells products of whatever form, be it cigs or vaping.

2nd edit… Bloody good luck to giving up. I’ve managed to give up totally 4 times in the last 30 odd years, only to start again by “accident” or a “friend” that’s pissed I’ve stopped while they cannot and wait until I’m drunk etc and pass me a smoke and next morning I’m back craving smoke again.

I haven’t been able to completely give it up yet. I really like having a smoke in the morning at work. Usually once a day, three or four days a week. Other than that, I have no cravings at all.

I’ve also quit drinking this year, which was kind of accidental, but definitely helps with the smoking. As I mentioned elsewhere, even 12 oz of beer immediately gives me a vicious hangover.

My parents used to smoke when I was a kid. Believing smoking was good, I snatched a cold butt from the ashtray when they were not looking and “took a puff”. Disgusting. I tried again on the following day, and that one was not better either. I tend to believe this cured me of smoking for good. I probably also lost (some) faith in my parents then. :smiley:

As an adult I tried smoking a pipe, but I wanted to have a lot of smoke. Not only did I burn my tongue from puffing too heavily, but I also felt sick. That was no good pastime, and I quickly stopped smoking again.

I guess that will not help any of you to quit, but I wanted to share this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, similar for me. And then my dad had a heart attack and the doctor advised he give up smoking. Can’t say smoking ever appealed to me that much even though both my parents smoked a bit when I was young.