So... 2-handed markovians advantage animation

Will it ever get sped up or smoothed out? It feels like its the only wps (outside of belgothian shears) that actively slows down your attack animation. Is this done for balance reasons? I’ve seen it said time and again that no one likes how it messes with the other auto attack animations… Can we please have this looked at? I think its a really cool looking animation honestly, but somehow it still just feels clunky to use.

Arent the devs on a mission to make 2 handers as well rounded as other weapon options? This is a good place to look as well imo

MA works best with DW, ZT works best with 2h weapons. Been this way since the first days of Alpha testing, so unfortunately, this won’t get changed.

Not everything is meant to work well with all weapon styles in the game.

ah ok. I thought that a few patches ago they sped up dual wielding with zt, but i remembered it wrong, that was blade arc.