Soldier Attacked Own People

I had a raid occur, the raid ended, but then a minute or so later I have villagers start dying. I think this is just old age, but then they keep happening quickly. I click on the details and it says they died in combat. I found my own villager labeled “Soldier” attacking villagers. I couldn’t attack him with the villagers or my Soldiers. I flagged combat area with the barracks he came from and that stopped it…

This is intentional game play and not a bug. An armed soldier upset and unhappy about the way the battle went goes and gets drunk. Then he gets in a brawl and starts killing people. It’s a crude play on social woes. As you found, dropping the combat flag stops the assault. You can also stop serving beer for a few months immediately following a battle, especially around the barracks.

Best of luck!

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Appreciate the quick reply. I would say there is a bug, the other villagers should attempt to stop him or be able to attack the Soldier.

I understand it’s not a game mechanic you like, but it’s not a “bug” in the programming code, which is the intent of bug reports. The ability of other villagers protecting themselves against these attacks and against attacks from raiders has been brought up numerous times by others. Would be a good usage for the “crude weapons” which are pretty well ignored by most players once other weapons can be purchased.

You mention “would be good use of crude weapons”, that weapon wouldn’t matter.

My point here is that i couldn’t attack the villager at all.

I had to trick the game in order to make it stop…

Just happened on the current map and as you can see from the bit of raid warning sign in the top right corner of the screen shot, he started the slaughter pre-raid. So apparently no blues over a battle outcome. Maybe just served with Ye Olde Divorce Parchments?

Took advice from MonkeyHead and you, found the barracks where he was garrisoned and flagged a combat area. He still kept it up, killing at least 3 more.

Had to select the soldier and move him to the flagged area.

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Now, I know that (so far at least) the game is not including anything resembling a village/town government or anybody walking the streets who is ‘in charge’, but this situation cries out for a Shire Reeve (sheriff) with a couple of big, hulking mercenaries carrying Heavy Weapons to back him up to put a stop to this sort of thing. You could always make his office and the ‘deputies’ cost something to maintain so it isn’t a ‘free’ solution, but it would be better than having to ‘game’ a solution with a barracks Flag or other artificial mechanic.

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The level of death is on me for not knowing how to handle.

This was only the second time it’s happened (on my 4th map). Thought it was over a couple of times since he appeared to walk away. Had recently read this thread and tried the advice.

Seems in some cases an additional step may be required since just flagging the area from the barracks didn’t work.

Don’t think it’s gaming a solution. Flagging from the barracks is the work whistle for soldiers so it makes sense that’s what draws them away.

Since it happens so infrequently be careful what you ask for. If the devs were to introduce some structure of law/punishment you can bet it’ll get used more often and I don’t have time for knuckleheads!

I work on the principle that pre-release means Suggest Almost Anything Just In Case. Yours was the 3rd or 4th post I’ve seen mentioning drunken, unhappy soldiers attacking civilians, so apparently it is not that uncommon. Even if my proposed ‘solution’ is unacceptable, there may be an idea in there that the developers can use.
I admit, I personally have never had it happen in any of my games, but I may keep a closer eye on the happiness of my populations than most: as a retired First Sergeant, I’ve broken up too many fights between unhappy, drunken soldiers to want to start any by the way I play the game!

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I’ve found if a villager/soldier is still aggro I can move them towards a barracks and get soldiers moved towards them, and if they meet up while the aggression is still happening the soldiers will attack them until they’re no longer aggro or dead. That seems to be the best solution so far.

You can always grab hold of them and send them out to the nearest wolf/boar den or bear spawn location. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m wondering if Crate tinkered with it on their end? That use to be 100% successful for me.

I usually select Intoxicated and attacking villagers and tell them to run far away from town. By the time they get back, they’re sober and fine again. Sometimes you have to try a few times, they don’t always listen to directions like most drunks. :smiley:

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