Soldier leveling

Right, I need a help with Soldier’s leveling build(s). I want to go 2H, but I wouldn’t actually object against Sword + Shield too. Preferably pure Soldier, but I could settle for a Blademaster or a Warder too.

I look forward to your suggestions! <3

Might be worth looking at this.

A bit old now ( as opposed to the current, but may have some good suggestions.

2 hand go pick up every trash on the floor cause you might be buying 2h sword and when you reach lvl 35 I recommend kymon’s for you you’ll be buying the 2h weapon from them too haven’t bought mine still low reputation but when you reach lvl 35 buy the faction items will help you get to elite Warden dropped the axe im using now and beast hero dropped shield from my 1st character set is bought from factions.
follow JOV’s skills and your fine Edit: You’ll be happier with 1 hand weapon and shield since Myrmidon set is stronger than JOV’s set and you can attack with shield without component and your not relying on candence for the only attack you can bash em with enough force to take away 1/4 health of heroes with the shield.

I hate Cadence so much lol(maybe if it buffed the attack skill as well as normal attack on its proc or proced on every even strike as opposed to every 3rd). I’d rather prefer Forcewave and Blade Arc + Clean Sweep. Is it worth it to transmute Force?

Then your better off with 2 handed weapon and bloodrager frenzy is ypur set then for rings cronley’s signet and for medal empowered gutwprm’s bloody seal for boots empowered bloodhound greaves and the guillotine for weapon

Leveling soldier is fine with blade arc and 2H.

Though cadence is good if you support it, leveling with it is painful, as you have no significant aoe damage.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ever pick veterancy as shammy apparently always does. It’s just bad.

If you find yourself with better 1H and shield than 2H, going blitz and cadence can work though, given that overguard increases your survival by ridiculous amounts and a maxed Blitz hits really hard.

For 2H, Blade arc is the easiest way.

No. Not at all. It’s got an ongoing bug with elevation, and the damage is pretty awful. For slightly less range, and less skill points invested, Blade Arc does FAR better.

Right. The reason I posted this is because I’m fully aware that the Soldier is one of the most boring classes for the first 10 levels, so I figured that in order to make it bearable I decided to turn to you for an advice. Basically: “How to make first 25 or so levels fun”. Which isn’t a problem for Arcanist(hello Olexra + something for single target), Nightblade(Amarasta’s Burst + various others) etc.

I also know that later Soldier is one of the most effective, but…it’s so boring in the first difficulty(particularly up to Act II or so) O.o

It doesn’t change much. The damage goes up, but the gameplay is basically the same all the time with Soldier.

Yeah, agreed. It’s literally the old faithful.

Now, what is a good SINGLE TARGET Soldier skill? I’ve FW and BA for AoE, but nothing for Single Target. Cadence?

After playing a Forcewave character, i have to say that people are overstating how bad the elevation bug is. It’s mildly annoying at best but not game breaking and is gotten around either by moving slightly or using other abilities.

Damage-wise, Forcewave is also capable of holding up better than you’de think. I can’t speak on how well Blade Arc does though as I’ve never played one.

I only said that because I HAVE played both. The bug isn’t game breaking, no, but it got me killed more than once, simply because I forgot it WAS bugged. It works fine 90% of the time, so that last 10% when it doesn’t was always a surprise, and got me killed.

Blade Arc is definitely better IMO for damage and synergies, and the gear for it works out better for 2H IMO.

Keep using the same skill. If you invest into multiple attack skills, your build will overall suffer. The only exception to that that I’ve ever seen is ABB, which I’ve seen people invest one point into, then max Lethal Assault. They treat it like PB or BoD at that point, a buff to refresh, not a source of damage.

Forcewave is a fun skill when it works, and a shite skill all around, because when it doesn’t work, which is far more often than most of its fans will admit, it will drive you absolutely insane, and probably add another notch to 'Dat Bone.

I am rather a fan of Forcewave. It is very cool, conceptually, having a casting speed based Soldier skill.

If only it worked properly…

And what if I take the Clean Sweep transmuter? Should I auto-attack? (that’s boring) And if I don’t take Clean Sweep, my BA efficacy is…eh…null(commence the spam city -> something I DON’T want).

Should I really think like that? Take one offensive skill, one defensive, some passives and 100 Mastery points? If so, that sounds like an antithesis to their main selling point: play it as you like it.

I have 6 forcewave tremor builds and I rarely ever even notice the bug. If you dislike the skill that’s fine but stop exaggerating the bug.

You can take multiple, but spreading too far is bad, and you generally want them all maxed. You said you had Force wave and Blade Arc already, so going Cadence as well? You’d either be skipping important points in one of the three, skipping good passives, or good things like War Cry and the second part of Blitz that offer good debuffs. You only have so many points and they only stretch so far.

If you take a cool down skill you will need a 2nd skill to back it up. With +skills you can easily use 2 or 3 skills. You just won’t be able to max out all points in the skills modifiers.

Well, I’m weighing between FW and Cad as a secondary skill for BA with CD. Cad is boring, but could provide a very nice means of single target. I also don’t need to take more than 1 point in Cad and F.Form and take the bleed modifier at the end(kinda like some do with Amarasta).

What I’m on now is basically, what to take with BA?

I also don’t understand why take War Cry. Because of its modifier(blocked skills)? Because, aren’t monsters very resistant to %health modifications?

Currently, this is somewhat what I’ve in mind:

I’d welcome further comments.

War cry reduces all enemies damage, meaning you will take less damage from them (25% Less at level 12)
Also if you are going physical damage War cry’s modifier Break Morale will grant you 30 reduced enemies physical resistance and disrupt enemy skills.