Some bug issues on vanquisher mode- seed 1D0C776655C - V 0.8.1.a

V 0.8.1.a
seed 1D0C776655C

Hi, some feedback i have discovered that may be bug related. But i must say you guys have done a fantastic job getting the game to where it is, its amazing.

  • Furniture at the market never sells, it just accumilates.
  • You dont receive any notifications when heavy tools run out in a building.
  • Heavy tools can accumilate in quantity and seem to be random as to which building they go to. I find that i need to keep them in the market storage and then hand them out as they are needed.
  • No notification when compost is ready - this would be very handy to know
  • Can food spoilage not go to compost?
  • Some cows seem to float above the ground where others walk
  • Candle manufacture is very slow considering its just melted wax.
  • I dont understand the point of the vault. I never seem to accumilate enough stuff to actually fill it or have the optption to send stuff to the vault.
  • Do preserves actually count for much food or are they only good for trade?

many thanks

Appologies - the icons do appear when a building runs out of an item.