Some bug reports

  1. The high mountain terrain will cause people to be unable to move and stay in place for a few times, waiting for death.
  2. When the trade war merchant leaves, the icon still exists, but there is no merchant after clicking to open. However, if you visit again later, you will no longer be able to trade…
  3. The plague will not trigger when the population is 250 under level 4 without upgrading the town, but… if the game is reloaded, the plague will occur
  4. After reloading the game, the house is suddenly filled with garbage.

Suggest :

  1. Poor optimization, the game starts to appear when the population reaches 250, and the FPS drops
    (CPU, VGA, MEM are far more than the basic configuration)
  2. Added carriages, warehouses… You can select all new types to cancel (ex : food, building materials, processed products…)
  3. Add multiple selected city walls or buildings, and give priority to construction at the same time.

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