Some gameplay ideas

  1. Horses.
  2. Scout/Explorer job (combined with Horses), patrol AOE/path (scout incoming enemies early + notification).
  3. Raiders Camps (eg. located near resources) maybe some kind of loot (chest, wagon, horses…) and/or freeing imprisoned villagers.
  4. Longer Raider sieges (starvation tactics combined with tribute demands), and more Raiders siege weapons (reduce “tower defense” aspect and encourage offensive maneuvers).
  5. Livestock yields compost.
  6. Poultry (eggs + current Barn mechanics.)
  7. Hill-area livestock - sheep, goat. Wool harvesting.
  8. Rabbits (wild and/or breedable?) + furs Luxury goods.
  9. Dogs for fields guarding, and maybe for Scouts.
  10. Wild animals destroy fences occasionally - unless scared away.
  11. Festivals/Holidays: temporary boost for Entertainment/Happiness (costs Food+Alcohol and free labor day).
  12. Entertainer/Artist job with AOE like Rat Catcher, maybe job slots in current Theater building.
  13. Crime and City Guard job (patrol/AOE like Scouts?). Storage thievery.
  14. Town Hall policies to change villagers behavior (eg. on enemy sight: attack or run away; job intensity; crime punishments; Town Hall bell behavior - force Towers and Barracks garrison etc.).
  15. Workers boost for doing same job for longer time.
  16. Fog of war visibility range depending on altitude (Watch Towers on hills).
  17. Rivers and bridges.
  18. Piers and/or boats: big fish availability.
  19. Moat.
  20. Fire Squads and more fire causes.

I think they’ve made it clear it won’t happen until DLC… but in my opinion that’s an essential aspect of the game, maybe design a map type for river cities ? If you look closely there’s almost no medieval/antique city or town that hasn’t been build on a river or coast including a bridge or port.

DLC could further introduce sea raiders, river/sea traders, water mills, aquaducts, irrigation etc… but bridges are such a basic feature I hardly imagine a city builder game without it.

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Pharoah, Zeus, Emperor, Stronghold, Children of the Nile - old city building games and none of them had bridges.

That said, the way FF works bridges would definitely be a plus. Let’s hope they can get the tech to work for them at some point.

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Those were not meant to be realistic or survival oriented, and of course were old… but look at games like Kingdoms Reborn which looks awful compare to FF but bridges and trade routes are a big plus.

But then the game is moving more into Anno series, Port Royale series, etc, territory.

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IMO rivers and waters should be just more resourceful. Fisherman yields less than half of the food Hunter does, plus we got pelts from Hunter. Plus Hunter is great “military asset” :wink:

Ok, bridges in DLC, but what about this idea? Upgrade fisherman shack for having boats and fishing in the middle of the river for bigger yield, maybe rafts to cross it?

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Absolutely yes to poultry producing eggs (and meat), sheep producing wool (and meat), and dogs guarding fields and other property.

Town Hall policies sound like a great idea too.


Same problem.

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