Some ideas to improve Rimetongue set

Hello everyone!

I made this build with the idea of spamming Horn of Gandarr skill (well, almost, ~0.7 sec CD remains). Not almighty (sometimes, even squishy), but interesting and pretty fun :slightly_smiling_face:. It has two problems though:

  1. Very low Physical Resistance. I use two Seals of Might and still get heavy hits from melee enemies, especially Trap-resistant ones (like, Ugdenbog shamblers and Aetherial hulks, for example). Sometimes, even Inquisitor Seal and fumble from Ring of Steel are not enough. I cannot use Dual Blades talent and Aura of Conviction is also not an option (now that it does not even have Frostburn Damage bonus) against RR of Censure.

  2. Stun Resistance. I managed to get ~50% from devotions and crafting bonuses, but at the cost of defence and damage. To get stunlocked with this feeble build is death inevitable (see problem 1).

So, I propose adding at least 4% Physical Resistance to the set (Shoulders or Chest, maybe both? Hope I am not too greedy :sweat_smile:) and replace Freeze Resistance on helmet with Stun. As you can see, we get huge Reduced Freeze Duration overcap, so this change would not hurt.


Some additional clarification :slightly_smiling_face:. Freeze-to-Stun change is optional, some Cold-based combinations (or Pierce, though the set supports Cold more) might still need it (like, Cold Grenado Defiler :laughing:). But Physical Resistance is really crucial for survival.

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