About the Rimetongue Armor in a classic Infiltrator build

I had a few comments on the Rimtongue Armor. Among my 12 builds, it’s the only one i’m not satisfied with. The damages are there, however, the character is made of paper and is way too fragile for a comfortable 70/71 run in the SR (my personal test to see if a build is successful or not).

What should be done :

  • More Physical Resist. The builds have generally between 7/11% Physical Resistance. It would not hurt to have a nice +5 to 8% PhysRes on the armor. Inquisitor Seal won’t save you with big hitters and outside of it, you’re done.
  • More Life. All characters are in the 10-12K category. Any malus or ennemy that reduce your % health can really wreck your run. At least +500 health would be great (+1k health would be perfect).
  • More Stun Resistance. Just replace the 24/36% Freeze Res on the helmet by a 24/36% Stun Res.

What could be great :

  • A 3-5% Life Steal somewhere. The combo Low PhysRes/Low Health/Not so great Life Steal really kills it.
  • Changes on the Blade Trap Skill. A 12% Reduced Entrapment Res at 12 points, and a 20% Reduced Entrapment Res at 22/12 would go a long way to make the skill somewhat useful against some bosses.

The build is really fun, exploit 2 skills (blade Trap & Horn of Gandarr) that are (were?) a bit unloved, but unfortunately needs too much greens to my taste.

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Made very subtle changes to bump up life from 11k to 12.9k.

Maybe Haunted Steel for tough moments?

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Yes, Word of Renewal is a must-take in all Inquisitor builds, too much good bonuses to ignore :slightly_smiling_face:.

Looks like, almost no one cares. Rimetongue is not a popular set here, and is considered weak, if I remember correctly. It was buffed offensively (Crit Damage to Horn, Frostburn etc.), but it needs defence more.

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Thanks both of you for your feedback.

Your build is objectively better than mine. However, i already don’t really like Inquisitor Seal, and if i have to activate 2 buffs & 1 seal before shooting any enemy, i find this type of gameplay a bit… Unfun & boring.
I guess at the end of the day, i prefer a comfortable & mostly efficient gameplay to a purely efficient one.

By the way, i always felt Word of Renewal would be better as a simple toggle, in Word of Arms for example (without the healing ability).

With Haunted Steel instead of the Seal of blades, i lose 10 cold (because 100% conversion), 15 Pierce Res & 8% Armor. For me, it’s not a good deal.

Yeah at this point, i don’t really expect these kind of changes. I just wanted to give my view on a legendary set that could be great.

Thanks for your opinions guys, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:.

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