[] The Antlion - Rimetongue Blade Trapper, Cold Caster Infiltrator

12th June 2020, Update 2: Updated for new patch with new MI medal and devo!
13th March 2020, Update 1: Updated for new patch. Now features full pierce>cold conversion and 3x blade spirits!

The Build

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst, Deadly Aim, Lethal Assault, and Sitting on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Chillspikes

Old GT when Chillspikes has more damage and tad bit more leech:

Old GT when stormbox was still good:

Build Feature


  • Your lovely blade trapper, maintaning its stats as top cruci clearer :sunglasses:.
  • Very comfortable in campaign with CC skill as main.
  • ( update) Previously 10 sec dummy kill with more chillspikes damage, now only 12-13 sec.:upside_down_face:
  • No horn of gandarr needed.


  • Need a lot of conversions
  • Need to play smart for speedy cruci kills.
Build Overview

With the advent of giving up to 60% pierce>cold conversion to northern wyrm, I decided to revisit this build again. After days of min maxing, testing, and finally a buff in blade spirit at, the build is finally ready!

This build is one of a kind, using a CC skill that is blade trap which is only usable in end game via rimetongue set. It’s trapping all kind of nemesis and bosses while dealing massive damage with full cold blade trap. Blade trap cannot work by itself though, so the build supporting it with full cold 3xblade spirit and full cold chillspikes with almost capped casting speed. The result is a crazy dps machine able to kill dummy in 10 sec and having a super massive AoE via Blade trap.

The build is not the tankiest in the game of course, it needs smart play. Blade trap need to be applied to various enemy horde to leech, do not concentrate in only one horde of enemy. In nemesis wave, you will want to isolate one nemesis and kill it first before the other come. Killing just one nemesis will increase your survivability a lot. Update: Chillspikes nerf hurt the build a bit, leech is not enough anymore with the previous korvaak devo. But we got new Bloodfeast’s Mark medal for more duration and damage for blade trap and the rarely sighted plus to Devouring Blades!

If you are a noob or a pussy or both, to increase the tankiness of this build, you can:

  • Use biting blades as opposed to chillspikes to have better leech
  • Invest the rest of attribute points to physique
  • Integrate Twin Fangs devo proc somehow
Equipment Choices


  • Craft for whatever you want, Stun res and %physique will be good.
  • Get 100% Pierce > Cold conversion.
  • Get as max Vitality > Cold conversion as possible .
  • Get as max Fire + Lightning > Cold conversion as possible.

Core Items:

  • Rimetongue Set.
  • Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set. [converting some pierce to cold, good stats overall, and decent proc]
  • Main/Off Hand: Mythical Northern Wyrm. [Up to 60% pierce>Cold conversion, Fitting stats, craftable]
  • Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. [Converting up to 30% pierce to cold, relevant skill bonus, and good stats overall]
  • Belt: Gargoyle Waistguard. [Buffed at giving Vitality>Cold conversion and +Nightblade. Tempest prefix is BiS. Use whatever you like though.]
  • Medal: Bloodfeast’s Mark. [New Blade trap medal from, extra duration and damage to Blade trap and rare plus to devouring blades. Get whatever you want for affixes. I want stalwart prefix but this is my best legit one I got.]

Supporting Items:

  • Pants: Reaper’s Legguards. [Giving the required plus skills to blade spirits. Just get the one that gives a lot of stats and res]
  • Boots: Mythical Amatok’s Step. [Very good cold boots with a lot of res and decent proc.]
  • Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak. [Current best Nightblade relic, especially because we are converting pierce damage. Get completion bonus for Lethal Assault]
  • Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use Rune of Amatok’s Breath currently.

Cold based Devo for 2H ranged weapon with Scales

Rumor > to Chillspikes
Blizzard > to Inquisitor Seal
Hand of Ultos > to Blade Spirit
Tip of the Scales > to whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff



  • LMB: Chillspikes
  • RMB: Point to Move
  • Mouse scroll up/down: Inquisitor Seal
  • Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
  • Keyboard 2: Blade Trap
  • Keyboard 2: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
  • Keyboard 3: Ice Wyrm’s Breath
  • Keyboard 4: Word of Renewal
  • Keyboard 5: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:
Summon 3x Blade Spirits before action
Always have Word of renewal and Pneumatic Burst active or save it for heal.
Cast Blade Trap + Amarasta Blade Burst + Ice Wyrm’s Breath to enemy horde, always cast it to different horde of enemy when you have it ready.
Movement rune in
Summon inquisitor seal below you
Then hold your Chillspikes button while still casting Blade Trap + Amarasta Blade Burst + Ice Wyrm’s Breath every 1.8 sec.

In Trash waves, you want the enemies to surround you. In boss/nemesis wave, you want the enemies to be in front of you.

Do not chillspiking Mad Queen when she’s in rage mode

Build Performance Crucible:

New video with 3 buff, 3 L1 storm beacon, and 1 L2 storm beacon:

4:54 clear time.
I finally did sub 5 cruci! slowest is 5:30. Consistently clear cruci 4 times in one buff duration. As long as you know what you are doing.

4:32 cruci clear run using 4 buff + 3 L1 storm beacon by @Plasmodermic: video with 3 buff, 3 L1 storm beacon, and 1 L2 storm beacon:
5:05 clear time. Video for 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:
5:40 clear time.

Shattered Realm:
Dunno, I’ve stopped playing SR. Might not be as good as the build need a lot of enemies to leech with blade trap and boss room doesn’t have many mobs and single target damage is not as high as before as chillspikes is nerfed yet again.

The Antlion saga continues… :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Nice one mate! Those mutators definitely contributed big time to the fastest run (swift for longer cc duration against mobs on 160-170 is HUGE), but certainly a great build

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Yup Definitely! That run is when most of the stars align. Usually it got into 6 minutes or a bit lower than 6 minutes without banner.


Build oozes quality. Real creative combo of unmaxed skills and mishmash of gear in perfect harmony. Work of art. :clap:

One little question. Since speed isn’t needed, you sure Spider and one in Rumor is better than Hawk and Candle?

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Thanks Ya! Glad you like it… :wink:

Speed is needed. At least casting speed, also more spirit is always welcome. Chillspikes give a lot of damage for the build as this build practically has no big Nukes. All of the small small spells need to contribute fully.

Though I know what you mean, more crit damage is always welcome in a build like this.

You are on fire with these builds, jabby. Nice.

Even though I’m suffering from AoM Inquis PTSD (lol), I have to grudgingly admire how well you work it into various inventive combos.

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I mean…the buid isn’t too bad. I’ve seen better.

You’re okay, jabby. You’re okay.


Holy shit balls…working CC into an endgame spec? :clap:

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Good one, Jabs! Bringing Infiltrators back to glory?

Can you explain this dagger tho? I don’t quite get it tbh.

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Chillheart is the one of the best cold multipurpose weapons. Funny thing is its power has nothing to do with EoR and RoS. It’s the conversion, +1 to inquisitor and big %dmg.

Two more questions for @thejabrixone. 1) Horn doesn’t deserve even a 1p? I mean that Frostborn mod… 2) What’s up with that binding Rumor to Seal? Especially in no banner Crucible when you move a lot. When you change position and Seal is on cooldown you got no Rumor for ages. And then when it’s one boss you still got just 15% per second. I’m a big believer in SS+Nightfall when autoattack is taken. You got two 51% chance hits on main target (3 with dw) and 1 in AoE - very unlikely to miss. And spreads right away before you cast other stuff.

Almost pure cold storm box and ultos. Ya explained it nicely there.

Yes, it doesn’t deserve any points at all. To make sure of this, I have tried rimetongue mage Hunter focusing on Horn of gandarr. Even in Fully invested, damage is super low and only makes enemy running around from you with its confuse CC. That skill is really that impotent.

It’s not that bad. Matter of playstyle I guess. I just don’t like pressing movement skill button just for proccing. I feel like it’s really disrupting my playstyle.

I cast seal a lot and spreading seal a lot. One rumor proc spread to all enemy as I tend to herd them all to the middle. So it’s not that bad.

On this build, you can bind it to amatok’s breath if you like.

How does the CC work on nems with neutral mutators?

Is it like mageslayer OFF?

I tried wathcing the vidoe but couldn’t really tell because everything’s blue

Still the same. It needs its amulet proc to be able to trap nemeses though.

The good thing with blade trap is its CD is low. I have 1.5sec CD here, so I can easily re apply it when facing bosses.

Can you crit every time though?

And how long does it last for?

I mean converting Ultos is surely useless and doesn’t affect your damage output at all. Converting Storm Box is ok, I guess, but you kind of have potential to have semi-decent RoH here which would be more damage than half converted box.

But anyway, there are potentially better options you can explore like Scion of the Bitter Winds.

Yes. Though technically I have quite a big OA with storm box DA debuff, so I am not really relying on BT’s DA debuff.

Maybe about 1 sec on nemeses.

It’s actually matter. Clear trash faster and leech more.

Have tried it also. Slower by 30-50 sec because we lose storm box as another supporting damage.
Also have tried amatok’s mace, same case.

The other good option is chillwhisper dagger for its casting speed+CDR. Clear 20 sec slower.

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damn, good tests, who knew that converting Storm Box is so important

It’s mainly because the build need more damaging skills. If RoH is still functional, maybe it can make its way here. However it will need more points to work and we still need storm box to proc twin fangs, so even more buttons.

DA shred from SBoE + RoH makes traps far more consistent, which in turn further lowers enemy DA and allows for big fuck off crits.

It synergizes perfectly.

@thejabrixone: Like I said - the build’s okay at best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, now I am not sure if you’re joking or not… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then you will need to sacrifice blade spirit for RoH, replace Offhand with something else, can’t have artifact handling though. However in the end, RoH will be use only for its DA shred. Its damage will be very lackluster.

I’m totally joking!

I was saying how perfect your setup is!

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