[] Explosive Snowballs - Rimetongue Saboteur

A little fun build around Rimetongue because I wanted to test the set and saboteur.
It’s not top tier in any way and could be improved a lot, don’t hesitate to leave suggestions.

The goal was to perma-trap most enemies thanks to the added duration on the medal, but the CC RR on this set is extremely unreliable, so we just kite most of the time. Trapping is useless on casters but the Impaired Aim from Flashbang helps mitigating their damage, BWC is good against physical hitters.
AoE is handled by 3 hardcapped Blade Spirits, Leviathan and mostly converted Elemental Seekers thanks to the belt and set.

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  • Shattered Realm - Shard 65 viable
    Clears SR65-66 consistently, the first three chunks are very easy since nearly everything gets immobilized.
    The main villains are Maiden, Fabius and the Unstoppable mutator. Keep Maiden debuffed with Blackwater and kite Fabius very carefully, you need to kill him fast and not get SSed. Unstoppable cancels your slim chance of trap-locking.
    The build can clear SR75 if you don’t get those two troublemakers, or you manage to trap-lock them.
    Shard 65’s boss room gameplay

  • Crucible
    5:50 run by romanN1

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